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Respite care in Colchester

Colchester respite support from Helping Hands

At Helping Hands, we’ve been providing empathetic, life-transforming home care to people across England and Wales since 1989. In that time, it’s safe to say we’ve become experts in helping our customers to live more independently and confidently whilst remaining in the home that they love, where they’re able to receive a care plan that is designed around their specific needs.

With respite care from our wonderful Colchester care team, you’ll get all the one-to-one support that you require in your home to help you manage day-to-day tasks, chores and routines that need doing. Whether you need personal care, someone to prepare meals and do the washing up, a bit of extra help getting to appointments, or anything else, our carers are fully trained to provide care to people living with a wide range of conditions.

When to choose respite care

Respite care is typically used by people who require short-term care, often unexpectedly. It might be that you’ve been discharged from hospital earlier than anticipated, or your regular carer is taking a well-earned break but hasn’t been able to arrange any cover during their absence. Whatever your reason for requiring respite care, we’ll make sure you have control over as many aspects of your care plan as possible, meaning you’ll be able to rest up or spend more time doing the things you enjoy.

Respite care services tailored to you

With respite care from Helping Hands, you’ll receive a respite care plan that is fully tailored to your specific requirements and preferences. We know that there’ll be a certain way that you like things to be done around your home – whether that’s eating certain things for dinner, going to bed at a particular time, or anything else – so our carers will go out of their way to respect your wishes and ensure you get the type and level of care to which you’re accustomed. No two people have the same care requirements, which is why our care plans are always customised to your situation and are completely flexible around your needs.

Qualified respite carers in Colchester

At Helping Hands, our carers are truly exceptional at what they do, and they’ll always go above and beyond to ensure our customers receive only the very best care. We only recruit people who share our company-wide values of compassion and dedication, and all new carers undergo thorough background checks before joining our team to ensure they’re the sort of person you’d want coming into your home. When they join us, every carer is enrolled in our award-winning training programme, and they’ll also participate in regular refresher courses to make sure they’re always up to date with the latest industry standards and best practices. Plus, for your added peace of mind, all of our care provision is independently regulated by the Care Quality Commission and Care Inspectorate Wales, so you know you’ll always be receiving only the very best care.

Contact us for Respite Support

For more information about respite support from Helping Hands, call our friendly customer support team today or contact us via our website to arrange a callback at your convenience.

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