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Live in care in Gateshead

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Why choose Gateshead live in care?

Our Helping Hands’ local team are expects at providing high quality live in care and home care in Gateshead  giving you the reassurance of knowing that you’re being supported by a company with over 30 years of experience in delivering superlative care. Available on both a visiting care and live-in care basis, choosing care from one of the UK’s foremost home care providers means you and your loved ones will always be reassured that your care needs will be our focus at all times and that your carers will be knowledgeable and empathetic to your needs.

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What does live in care in Gateshead consist of?

Our compassionate visiting carers will come to you from just 30 minutes a week to carry out every aspect of your daily routine, such as your personal care, medication and meal preparation, whereas if you’d like to know there’s someone with you around the clock, our live-in care service may be perfect for you. Whichever service you choose, both visiting and live-in carers will be able to assist you to live your very best life at home, thanks to their focus on promoting your independence at all times and helping you with whatever your daily routine involves.

Domiciliary care

Whether you’d appreciate support with housework, laundry, mobility, accessing the community or so much more, our amazing domiciliary carers will be able to help you. Domiciliary care just means ‘care at home’, and that’s what we’ve been specialising in since we were founded in 1989. Our bespoke packages of care mean that your needs will always be at the forefront of our provision; we don’t believe that ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to care, and you shouldn’t settle for it either. We’ll tailor a support plan to you personally, making sure it contains your routines and exactly how you like things done, plus everything that’s important to you, to ensure that you always feel like you’re at the centre of your own care journey.

Leading Gateshead care experts

Our carers are so dedicated to ensuring that their customers in the Gateshead area live their very best lives possible, that they often go above and beyond to ensure it happens. We don’t believe in coincidences though – we know it’s only because we select the most compassionate and kind people locally to become our carers that our customers are so well cared for, and we’ll make sure that continues to be the case for as long as we’re here. Because we’re fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission, it means that our very high standards will always be maintained, and because we train our carers well we know that they’ll be able to build on their skills and apply what they’ve learnt to their customers’ care. We also thoroughly check our carers’ backgrounds and screen them through the DBS, as we want you and your loved ones to be confident that the only people we’re sending into your home are people who are safe to be there.

Contact us for live in care in Gateshead

If you’d like to discover more about our live in care services in the Gateshead area, then please call our customer care team any day of the week, talk to us via our website or request a call back at a time convenient to you.