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Dementia Care in Hertford

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Hertford dementia support from Helping Hands

Dementia is an ‘umbrella’ term encompassing over 100 different conditions, with Alzheimer’s, Lewy Body and vascular dementia amongst the most well-known. Various things can make a family member or caregiver notice that a person’s memory is failing, such as forgetting appointments, not remembering to take medication or neglecting to eat or drink. A decline in memory can of course be a natural part of ageing too, which is why it’s important to seek medical advice and only pursue a diagnosis of dementia if it’s appropriate. Receiving a diagnosis will be the beginning of the dementia journey for most people and it can bring with it feelings of anxiety and concern for the future; however it can also be a relief in some ways to finally have an answer for why a loved one’s behaviour may be changing and that’s when plans for the future can start to be made in earnest.

Helping Hands can support you if you decide you would like some care at home, as we’ve been helping people living with dementia to stay as independent as possible in their own homes since 1989. We really are considered the dementia specialists, due to our dedicated staff and expert carers, so if you’d like to find out more please call our friendly Hertford team today.

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Why dementia home care is a good option

Staying in your own home after a diagnosis of dementia can be hugely beneficial, as being in a familiar and much-loved place will help to reduce levels of confusion, as well as helping to promote feelings of comfort and safety. As well as being able to stay close to other loved ones who may still live in the house, the presence of pets and precious possessions that are mementoes of a life together will be comforting of the person to be near. Additionally, if you have a garden that you’ve spent years working on or even an allotment nearby, you may enjoy sitting out in good weather or helping to do light activities such as weeding or potting small plants. Helping Hands has always worked to the highest standards, ensuring that people receive care in the place they want to stay the most; our team in Hertford are all highly knowledgeable in dementia care and will happily talk you through your options at your convenience.

Dementia care services tailored to you

Helping Hands can offer visiting care during the day or night, as well as around the clock, live-in care. Whether you need support throughout the day or the occasional waking night to give loved ones a chance to sleep, we can support you with every aspect of your care needs. We will produce a bespoke support plan that takes into account every aspect of your care and ensures a continuity that respects the way you like things done. Our carers are compassionate, professional and empathetic and can support you with personal care, mobility, meal preparation, housework and any other tasks you may be struggling with. If you need help to get to appointments or to attend activities, they will be a reassuring presence at your side, ensuring your life continues just as you’ve always wanted it to.

Qualified dementia carers in Hertford

Helping Hands is not an agency; all of our carers are directly employed, which ensures a stronger continuity of care and demonstrates our commitment to all of our employees. Our carers also undertake a rigorous programme of training when they join us and we encourage professional development throughout their entire Helping Hands career. This ensures that their skills are regularly updated and the benefits of this are applied directly to their customers’ care. We are fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission and Care Inspectorate Wales and have been consistently rated ‘Good’ for our high standards of care delivery. All Helping Hands staff are also Disclosure and Barring Service screened before they come into contact with vulnerable customers so you can be confident in who is supporting you at home. We are also part of the Dementia Action Alliance, meaning that we voluntarily agree to work to a set of goals and action points and are committed to transforming care outcomes for people living with dementia.

Contact us for dementia support

We have a dedicated team of customer care specialists who are available seven days a week to inform and advise you about your or your loved ones’ care options. You can also request a call back or email us from our Hertford website. We look forward to hearing from you.