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Reviews for our Newcastle Branch

Alecia White and the team would love to hear your feedback, as it will help them to continue improving their services for all of their customers. We really appreciate your feedback and hope to hear from you soon.

4.8 / 5

4.8 rating

Based on 43 reviews
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4.0 rating
31 December 2019

Helping Hands were able to help out at very short notice which was a huge relief to me. Dad likes the people that visit him which is great, I very much appreciate their support.

Gillian Woodcock
5.0 rating
13 December 2019

Experience was excellent.

Ian Curd
4.0 rating
28 October 2019

The assessor led the conversation well. I felt that the assessment was correctly conducted and thorough. All of our questions were answered.

Jon Bolter
5.0 rating
11 October 2019

A very pleasant experience. The lady I spoke to was very knowledgeable and open about the serivec which you can provide.

Priscilla P[aige
5.0 rating
2 October 2019

Very friendly and helpful. Dealt with my enquiry quickly and effectively

Tim Jones
5.0 rating
26 September 2019

Lovely lady I spoke to and very helpful and appointment was made straight away

5.0 rating
19 September 2019

I think Dad really enjoys the carers coming in to help him. He seems to enjoy their company and they seem very helpful and cooperative.

5.0 rating
15 September 2019

He reassured us on a number of aspects, such as the fact that a small team would be providing the personal care and that the company paid them well and allowed for travel time – so that we knew the care provided wouldn’t be rushed or impersonal. This helped us to feel confident about proceeding, as did the fact that he explained that the company could be flexible in responding to changing care needs. He also assessed our home set-up and was able to reassure us that it would be appropriate should different / higher levels of care be needed in the future. Finally, he explained about D.N.R. – which we hadn’t known about. Once this was explained to us, my mother in law said that she wanted her G.P. to be informed of her wishes for this to be in place for her care.

5.0 rating
11 September 2019

Very friendly and efficient. Polite manner.

5.0 rating
6 September 2019

David was still willing to visit even though he knew my mother was not present. He was very sympathetic and understanding of the situation. He explained things clearly and any questions asked he answered clearly and with knowledge and experience of dementia.

5.0 rating
3 September 2019

The team were helpful and informative they also appeared to understand perfectly the problems that I am facing in organising care for my father in an empathic and thoughtful manner

5.0 rating
30 August 2019

Very courteous staff when I made initial telephone contact for information about your services

Debra Coxon
4.0 rating
15 August 2019

There was background noise that seemed to be distracting both the adviser and myself. Did sometimes feel I was not being heard. Otherwise very helpful & info received by email quickly. Thank you

5.0 rating
6 August 2019

Alecia is excellent, always able to cover at any notice and it’s much appreciated / Alecia is excellent, always able to cover at any notice and it’s much appreciated

Roger Gabriel
5.0 rating
1 August 2019

Good explanation of services available Flexible approach in arranging care and prompt putting in place of what’s needed

Maureen Tams
5.0 rating
31 July 2019

Very friendly and able to help in a difficult situation.

Kevin Kenny
4.0 rating
30 July 2019

We have not always received care at the ideal times we requested. While we understand the constraints on Helping Hands, this is what reduced some of the scores.

David Youll
4.0 rating
25 July 2019

They have been supportive and reliable.

Margaret Parker
5.0 rating
16 July 2019

Attentive informative helpful

Paul Gerrard
5.0 rating
15 July 2019

Your colleague was very informative in a relaxed manner and non=threatening way. I am still discussing Helping Hands with my sister.

Kenneth Dove
4.0 rating
11 July 2019

Because he didn’t seem to understand what chylous ascites & what Lymphamagnatosis is plus when you have low blood pressure it’s the same as being anemic / Okay

Gwynfor Owen
5.0 rating
11 July 2019

Alisha was very helpful and explained it all to me. I could not fault her

Margaret Purves
5.0 rating
8 July 2019

I have been very impressed with Dad’s new carer Nabil. He is very caring towards Dad and always pays attention to detail whilst washing and dressing him leaving him looking very smart and the bedroom clean and tidy. He also asks Mum if he can help her with anything before he leaves and my parents are so happy with him so it is a relief to me living 300 miles away.

Anne Wright
5.0 rating
8 July 2019

We got the wrong company – helping hands community care we needed – he was very nice about it and pleasant.

Janet King
5.0 rating
5 July 2019

Very helpful and reassuring

Linda Owen
5.0 rating
4 July 2019

They were very helpful and took time to explain and advise me / Your welcome

Margaret Purves
5.0 rating
3 July 2019

Very helpfull in all question

Luicile Antonio
5.0 rating
2 July 2019

Very pleasant to talk to

Janet King
5.0 rating
18 June 2019

Very helpfull and kind

Luicile Antonio
5.0 rating
9 June 2019

Very good customer service..helpful and knowledgeable

Sarah Gorman
5.0 rating
7 June 2019

Happy with the outcome, very helpful and informative

Paul Parry
5.0 rating
6 June 2019

From the first call to your head office to today’s call asking for a slight change to my mother’s care, all contacts with you have been professional and caring. We made a good choice in entrusting our mother’s care to Helping Hands ????

Keith Allen
5.0 rating
5 June 2019

Very helpful and listened to what we were saying. Very friendly

Aileen And Phil Turnbull
5.0 rating
5 June 2019

Very friendly understanding and a great company

Clare Dowell
5.0 rating
28 May 2019

Friendly helpful staff

Nicola Oliphant
4.0 rating
14 May 2019

Care has been arranged quickly, without fuss or bother. Staff empathised with our situation and the care package was described simply and with understanding. Regards,. Robert W Philip

Robert Phillip
5.0 rating
1 May 2019

I spoke to Sam and he was extremely polite, professional & helpful.

Sheila Allen
5.0 rating
30 April 2019

Great and very helpful information

Ann Whitehouse
5.0 rating
26 April 2019

Very polite and very helpful and very caring and showed Lucv cared about me and my feelings. Thanks Lucy she is a real credit to your company. Thank you cant wait to see what care you can offer us and meet our carers coz if they are all as nice and caring as Lucy has been then all will be fantastic. Thank you / Thank you

Ann Whitehouse
5.0 rating
25 April 2019

Very pleasant and professional approach. Turned up on time answered all of the questions and provided all the information required.

Paul Howard
5.0 rating
18 April 2019

Informative, friendly, helpful.

Claire Bradley
5.0 rating
16 April 2019

Informative helpful polite

Elaine Bishop
5.0 rating
13 April 2019

Very helpful polite call taker

Ken Ross

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