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Dementia care in Poole

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Support with dementia

Dementia care symptoms can vary significantly from person to person, and the condition is progressive, which means that people will often show different behavioural and physical changes depending on the stage of their condition. We tailor every dementia care package to each individual to ensure that your loved one is receiving the care that they need.

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Why choose our Poole dementia care team?

Helping Hands has been a leader in the home care industry for more than 30 years, and we understand the additional care needs that come with dementia. Seeking out home care for a loved one can be daunting, and this is especially the case with dementia, where physical, mental and emotional symptoms can vary considerably, sometimes changing day by day.

Poole dementia support from Helping Hands

Helping Hands are here to make a difference. Dementia is progressive, so it’s important to have tailored care at every stage of the condition. The support your loved one receives will be personalised to them and their unique needs, so they are always receiving what they need to live happy, safe and fulfilled lives. Our Helping Hands Poole branch can offer a range of services to fit around your loved one’s routine, whether it’s via several care calls throughout the day or more comprehensive full-time care for more complex needs.

Why dementia home care is a good option

Home care offers several advantages over moving to a residential care or nursing home. In residential care, seniors seldom receive care from the same person day to day, and this can be especially unsettling for a loved one with dementia or memory difficulties. For those with conditions such as Alzheimer’s, moving home can be a very upsetting and confusing disruption that is difficult to recover from, especially if the old routines and possessions were a source of comfort.

Helping Hands offers an attractive alternative, providing your loved one with continuity of care and one-to-one attention whenever it’s needed. Full-time live-in care or overnight care means there’s always someone at hand who can respond quickly if necessary.

Your loved one will receive round-the-clock care in the place they feel most comfortable – at home. Without disrupting familiar routines, everyday domestic activities can carry on as normal, but with a little extra peace of mind. Care offered at home slots in around pre-existing schedules, so your loved one feels safe and supported enough to live as independently as possible, with no sudden change to their environment. It’s all about carrying on with the life they most want to live.

Dementia care services in Poole tailored to you

We understand that elderly people can prefer having their personal routines and daily habits and want to do the things that are important to them, regardless of their dementia symptoms. That’s why our staff are trained to be a compassionate, patient and stable force in your loved one’s life, no matter their likes, dislikes or lifestyle. What’s important is devising a care plan that’s perfectly suited to your loved one.

Helping Hands believes your loved one should be matched with a compatible carer who will take the time to learn exactly what they need for their safety and wellbeing. Whether it’s occasional help with housework, support with medications, errands, mobility or personal care, you can expect bespoke care and attention that can be scaled up or down, depending on your loved one’s needs. Our carers can play memory games or encourage lively conversation that keeps the mind active, or simply share a cup of tea and some good companionship from time to time.

At Helping Hands, we know that care work is just as much about the emotional support. Genuine companionship and a friendly smile can make all the difference. Our carers are compassionate and kind-hearted people who genuinely want to make a difference, and they can step in to offer a kind word of reassurance and encouragement when it matters most.

Every one of our carers has undergone an extensive background check and award-winning training, so that we can maintain the standards of excellence that we’ve become known for. Helping Hands has even introduced a Dementia Champion programme, which is additional training especially for those carers wishing to advance in their dementia care expertise.

All personal care services are provided by our Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered office Helping Hands Dorset, which means that the care you’ll receive always adheres to a strict code of practice, and is routinely monitored for safety and efficacy.

Contact us for Poole dementia support

No two people are the same, and their care plans shouldn’t be the same either. If you’re considering seeking home care support for a loved one with dementia, feel free to give our customer care team a call. We’re listening, and we care – let us know what your loved one needs and we can discuss how we can make their life a little easier.