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Why choose live in care in Swadlincote?

Though there are several sound options for home care in Swadlincote, we like to think that Helping Hands is the best choice you can make, whether you’re seeking care for yourself or for a family member. We’ve been a leader in the UK home care industry for more than 30 years, and we’re CQC certified, which means that we’re routinely monitored for our adherence to extremely high standards of care.

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What’s are our personal care services?

You might need a little extra support around the home with carrying groceries, preparing healthy and delicious meals, and getting the ironing sorted. Or you might need more comprehensive, round-the-clock or overnight care so you feel confident there is always someone at hand should you need them. Our carers can step in to do household tasks, assist with mobility, or lend a hand with morning washing, grooming and dressing.

Whether you choose live-in care or more intermediate visiting care, you will receive service that fits in around your unique lifestyle and preferences. The beauty of home care is that you can tailor it to fit around your familiar routines, and have things done just the way you like them. No matter what your specific needs are, our goal is to make sure you feel empowered to go on living your best life, in the place you’re happiest: at home.

Respite Care

Respite care services are for those who have a usual carer who, for whatever reasons, is occasionally unavailable. Care work can be draining, and we know how important it is to take a break now and then to recharge your batteries. On the other hand, you might have a family emergency that throws the normal schedule off, or fall ill and be unable to sort things out at home.

When you contact us, a respite care worker can be sent to your home within 24 hours. Our staff are friendly, professional and know how to get things done. You can rest assured that your loved one is being well looked after in your absence, and that everything will be as it should when you return, whether that’s after an hour or a week.

Elderly Care

With advancing age, most seniors find that some ordinary household tasks are a little more challenging to manage. Still, we also understand that not every senior is ready to give up their independence and move out of the home they love into a residential care home facility. Elderly home care is an excellent alternative, since it can be tailored to fit your needs.

We can be there to help every day or for periods from as little as 30 minutes once a week. We also offer emergency care in the event you experience an accident or perhaps need a little extra help recovering from a hospital stay or surgery. We can make sure you’re receiving nurse-led support and help around the home that gives you one less thing to worry about.

Dementia Care

Dementia is a progressive condition with care needs that frequently change over time. This is why we believe that the flexibility of dementia home care is superior to moving to a residential facility. Our carers are fully trained to work with the emotional, physical and mental symptoms of dementia, and bring genuine warmth, compassion and patience to the work they do. It can be enormously reassuring for seniors with dementia to know they are receiving care from the same familiar face day after day, in a home they are comfortable and familiar with. Our carers take the time to get to know your love done, and understand that emotional support is just as important as physical assistance.

Leading care in Swadlincote

Helping Hands never employs agency staff but works with carers that we employ directly. We carefully select only those properly trained and experienced individuals we know share the same passion for care that we do. We make sure to provide ongoing professional development, too, and make sure that our carers are a good match for our customers, no matter their personality quirks or unique situations. It’s this flexibility and genuine compassion that we are proud to say sets us apart from other home care agencies in Swadlincote.

Contact us to arrange live in care in Swadlincote

Choosing appropriate home care is not a decision to make lightly. Our customer care team is more than happy for you to get in touch so we can chat about how Helping Hands can help you.