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Why choose personal care in Trowbridge from Helping Hands?

Seeking out home care for the first time can definitely be a daunting experience. Though there are many excellent home care in Trowbridge, opting for the right carer is not a decision to be made lightly. Helping Hands has been proudly providing care of the highest quality for more than 30 years now. We are accredited by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in England and the Care Inspectorate in Wales (CIW), which monitors us closely to ensure that we maintain our own high standards.

Though we are proud of our certifications and accreditations, we are most proud of our carers and all the ways they work hard to improve the lives of others. We only partner with those hand-picked carers we can trust to share our philosophy for compassionate, people-focused care. We do not work with agency staff but hire our carers directly, so we can get to know them as people.

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What are our Live in Care Services in Trowbridge?

The Helping Hands approach to care is simple: we want to provide the care that you most need, according to your unique values, your habits and your needs. We do our best to find a carer in Trowbridge that will suit you best, and get to know you on a personal level. We offer two main types of care: live-in care or visiting care. This means we are flexible, and can be there round-the-clock, or simply for a few hours a week for light support just where you need it.

Our carers are at hand to help with shopping, household activities and chores, cooking and meal prep, assistance with personal grooming or mobility around the home, or help with medications and prescriptions. But it’s not just practical assistance you’ll receive. Whether our carers are with you for an hour or full-time, you know you can expect undivided attention, emotional support and a friendly smile.

Trowbridge Respite Care

We suggest respite care for any occasion where a normal carer is unavailable. Sometimes, carers fall ill or need to respond to family emergencies without much notice. On the other hand, a carer may also like to know there is someone taking care of things at home should they need a week’s holiday to recharge their batteries and return to care duties refreshed.

Respite care is also an option when you need a little extra support, such as when schedules are disrupted at the last minute, over the holidays, or when you or your loved one is recovering from a hospital visit or illness. You can trust that we’ll be there, making sure everything ticks over as it should.

Elderly Support in Trowbridge

If you or a loved one is experiencing increasing challenge around daily activities, due to mobility issues or because of health conditions, then you might benefit from elderly care at home. We understand that it’s not always appropriate to move to a residential care home facility. Many seniors love the homes they live in and want to go on enjoying their independent lives. Our carers work hard to provide the support they need, while keeping the familiar daily routines and habits intact.

Dementia Care across Trowbridge

Our staff are specially trained to offer the best possible support and care for those elders living with the symptoms of dementia. With memory impairment and conditions such as Alzheimer’s, no two days are ever really alike, so it’s important that care is flexible, patient and compassionate. Though receiving care at a residential facility is always an option, some families might find that their loved ones experience distress at being away from familiar surroundings. With dementia home care, however, there is the advantage of a single, dedicated carer, day after day, providing a strong sense of continuity and safety.

Trowbridges Most Trusted Care Agency

Whether you choose quick-start or emergency care, need respite services for a few days or arrange to have ongoing live-in support, Helping Hands carers will do everything in their power to make you and your loved ones feel as comfortable and taken care of as possible. Our carers come in all shapes and sizes, but we know that every of them is a genuinely compassionate person dedicated to delivering not only professional, but personal care that really makes a difference.

How to arrange care today

Do you have any questions about how we can assist in your unique situation? Please feel free to reach out to us – we’re on hand for a chat about exactly what we can do to help.