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Respite care in Tunbridge Wells

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Tunbridge Wells respite support from Helping Hands

Whether you need last-minute support due to an existing carer’s holidays or illness, or you’re recovering from a fall or hospital stay, respite care at home in Tunbridge Wells will be invaluable. Getting back onto your feet and independent again will be yours and our top priority and we’ll work with you to ensure this happens where possible. If you already receive care at home or family give you most of your support you may only need us temporarily, but that’s okay; we’ll still ensure you get the very best visiting or live-in care Tunbridge Wells can offer, all fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission and the Care Inspectorate Wales.

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When to choose respite care

If your usually independent way of life has been compromised by a fall or an illness you may feel as if you’ll never be your old self again, but with Helping Hands that’s never the case. Our compassionate carers will help you both physically and emotionally to get back to your usual routine and feel so much better. They’re also invaluable if your family needs to take a well-earned holiday after supporting you so well, or your regular carer needs time off.

Respite care services tailored to you

Because we only offer care in our customers’ homes, we understand exactly how much staying in the place you love means to you. We’ve been delivering dedicated home care since we began in 1989 and since then we’ve offered person-centred care to every one of our thousands of customers across England and Wales. We build your package of care around your needs and daily routine, meaning you have a seamless continuity of care when we begin.

Qualified respite carers in Tunbridge Wells

Our carers are special, and while we’re obviously biased, we honestly believe it to be true! We carefully select only the kindest and most empathetic people to work for us, knowing that they’ll devote all of their energies to helping you live as well as possible at home. We offer exceptional instruction when they first join us and devise a bespoke programme of development for all of our carers, meaning that if they wish to progress in their role and seek promotion, the opportunities are there. We also encourage them to undertake qualifications if they’d like to, and we build on their existing skills and knowledge so that they can apply it to the care they’re giving their customers. We’re proud of how many people follow this route with us and that so many of our managers began as carers with us.

Contact us for respite support

If you’d like to learn more about respite care in and around Tunbridge Wells you can chat to our friendly customer care team, seven days a week, either online or over the phone. They’ll answer your questions and explain your options to you. You can also talk to our branch teams face-to-face if you’d prefer, and to locate the branch nearest to you, click here.