Clinical Case Studies

Clinical Case Studies

Here are just a few stories from some wonderful people with life changing conditions that we work with on a daily basis. With the assistance of Helping Hands carers each one of them is able to live in the comfort of their own home, surrounded by their own things and in some cases their beloved pets.

It makes a huge difference to the well-being and long term mental health of individuals living with hereditary, genetic or acquired conditions to be able to manage their conditions from home, surrounded by family and friends – a live in carer from Helping Hands can make a world of difference, take a look at the individual stories from some of our wonderful customers.

Simon_Case Study_1

Simon’s Story, Living with Spinal Cord Injury

Spending an afternoon with Simon and Anna, one of our long-term live-in care partnerships, it is clear to see why we do what we do. Simon, who previously sustained a C5/C6 spinal cord injury at the age of nineteen, has been receiving specialist spinal care from Helping Hands since 2000.

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John-Gilmore_Neurological Care

John’s Story, Living with Muscular Dystrophy

The BBC documentary, Lifeline Appeal for Muscular Dystrophy UK, celebrates Jonathan Gilmour’s life at university made possible by the assistance of a Live-in Support Worker. Diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at the age of seven, Jon has overcome major physical challenges to be where he is today, and the programme follows him as he completes his PhD final year at Cambridge.

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Brian Scarffe_3

Brian’s Story, Living with Spinal Cord Injury

25 year-old Brian has been a Helping Hands customer since October 2015. He has a C5 complete spinal injury that means he is non-weight-bearing, using a manual chair to get around. With support a Live-in PA, Brian continues to lead the active lifestyle he loves. In February 2016, Brian and his PA Raluca travelled to Sri Lanka, commencing a nine-week trip around South-East Asia.

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Tim Severn-Spinal Cord Injury

Tim’s Story, Living with Spinal Cord Injury

Tim, 40, has been receiving Live-in support for his C5 complete spinal injury since September 2014. Using a hand cycle unit, he clocks up miles every day cycling around town and further afield.

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Jacky Smith-MND-2

Jacky’s Story – Living with Motor Neurone

Jacky receives Live-in Care from Helping Hands, here she openly talks about how her live-in carer Nora has made such a difference to living with Motor Neurone.

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Sue’s Story, Living with Huntingdon’s

We were first approached to assess Sue by Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group in September 2013, after it became apparent that her existing care plan was not sufficient to cope with the demands that were being presented as a result of her Huntington’s disease and diverticulitis. Helping Hands were approached given our history of supporting and enabling those with complex Neurological conditions to remain in their preferred home environment.

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Molly’s story, living with Parkinson’s

Being diagnosed and living with Parkinson’s brings its challenges and changes. With one-to-one Live-in Care that does not mean having to move out of your home too, this is Molly’s story.

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