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Personal Care Accrington

Why choose Helping Hands for personal care in Accrington?

Whether you’re considering getting professional personal care for yourself or for a loved one, we understand that the process can be quite a daunting one; though there are many care options out here, it’s understandable that you’d only want the very best. Helping Hands is proud to say that we’ve been a leader in our industry for more than 30 years now, and in that time, we’ve developed the experience and expertise needed to offer care services of the highest standard.

We’re CQC accredited, which means we’re routinely monitored on the quality of our care, and our home care Accinrington team only employ those compassionate and fully trained care workers we trust to best deliver the kind of care we’ve come to be known for.

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What’s included with personal care at Helping Hands?

Helping Hands is all about providing flexible, tailored care that works around your unique lifestyle and needs. We know that no two people are the same, and that’s why we never offer one-size-fits-all solutions. Our two main services are personal care, where a carer gives personal care at the home and is always at hand, and visiting care, which is where the carer calls at intervals according to your preferences. That could be a daily visit for several hours, or as little as a 30-minute check in once a week – it’s up to you.

We also provide overnight care, emergency and quick start care (where we send help over within 24 hours of you reaching out to us), respite care and nurse-supported care where a little extra help with things like medications might be needed.


Why Helping Hands is the leading personal care provider in Accrington

Unlike other perosnal care agencies in Accrington, Helping Hands believes there’s so much more to personal care, and that a little sincere human connection and compassion make all the difference.

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We understand that you might have some questions about the kind of care we offer – so we’re always at hand to have a chat about your needs, and what we can do to make your life easier today.

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