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Why choose our Helping Hands Bromley personal care team

Helping Hands have been providing care to people in their own homes since 1989 and we are still driven by the same values that we’ve always had; promoting independence and preserving dignity. Our Bromley home care branch team have a strong duty of care towards all of our customers, meaning that we work tirelessly to ensure every customer has the care package in place that’s right for them. Staying at home can make all the difference when it comes to having care; being in surroundings you know and love with precious photographs and mementoes nearby. You may still have family members or beloved pets in your home that you don’t want to leave, and with care at home from the Bromley team you don’t have to.

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How we ensure the best quality of care

We are actively collecting and monitoring our reviews and feedback for Live In Care Bromley to ensure our customers receive the best possible live-in and visiting care service.

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“Care twice a day for my parents” 26 September 2019

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What’s included with care at Helping Hands?

You can have as many or as few visits a week as you want from a visiting carer; the choice really is yours. Whether you want companionship or perhaps someone to walk your dog with, that’s absolutely fine, we can help. Maybe you have higher level clinical needs or require support to get in and out of bed, that’s no problem either; we can supply care from first thing in the morning until last thing at night, or even all night, if you require it.

If you feel that you would best benefit from someone moving into your home and caring for you on a full-time basis we can offer that as well. There really are no limits to the level of personal care we are able to provide for you or a loved one. With visits starting from just 30 minutes, the Bromley team are sure to be able to accommodate your wishes, so don’t think care means leaving the home you love; let care come to you in your own home.

Why you may need live in care in Bromley

You may be feeling that tasks you used to find easy are now slowing you down, or perhaps you’re living with a condition that makes certain aspects of daily life more challenging. Let Helping Hands Bromley help with those things that you would still like done well, such as housework, meal preparation, personal care or looking after your pets. One of the friendly team will devise your personalised support plan with you, to ensure that the way you like things done is the way things are always done. Your support plan will be flexible so that if you need aspects changed it can be done without fuss, so let one of our friendly and compassionate carers support you with life’s daily challenges.

Carers for limited hour visits

Whether you require a 30-minute visit once a week or several hours in the same day, we can fit around you and your usual routines. Perhaps you need help first thing in the morning, last thing at night or all the hours in-between, that’s no problem; we will be there. Our carers can be a companion too; happy to put the kettle on when you fancy a cup of tea or to pop round to your favourite bakery for the cake you love. You may need support getting to hospital appointments or to have your hair done; our carers will support you fully to go out and about like you’ve always enjoyed, taking the necessary precautions to keep you or your loved one safe at all times.
Perhaps it’s overnight that you find most difficult? We have overnight carers who can be with you throughout the hours of darkness, if that’s when you’d prefer support. Maybe you don’t sleep or need medication throughout the night? We’ll support you in any way we can.

Intermittent long-term visits

When you are the one who is caring for a loved one you need to take care of yourself too. If you’re not in the best of health you’ll struggle to have the energy to care for someone else, so regular breaks are essential when you’re doing the caring. The Bromley team will be happy to support you with short or longer-term respite care, so you can be confident that taking a break won’t affect the quality of care that your loved one receives.

Carers for immediate situations

Life has a habit of putting unexpected events in our path, so you need to know that if you or a loved one needs care in an emergency, Helping Hands Bromley can provide it. Perhaps it’s due to an unexpected hospital discharge or the aftercare from a fall, you can be confident that the flexible and compassionate care that we provide will be personalised to your exact requirements, and can usually be put in place the very same day.

Expert carers in Bromley

Hannah and her team are waiting to hear from you so that they can advise you on the different packages of care available, all tailored to your exact needs and able to start quickly. Our carers are highly trained before they meet their first customer and then supported with ongoing development throughout their Helping Hands career. Therefore, you can be confident that you or your loved one are receiving the very best levels of care from a values-led company with carers who are up to date on the latest industry developments. Our Bromley branch was rated ‘Good’ at their most recent Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection, so you can be sure our care is highly evaluated by the industry regulator for England.