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Home Care in Chatham

Why choose home care in Chatham?

Helping Hands carers have over years of experience supporting people all across the UK with many health conditions. We focus on helping people maintain an independent lifestyle in the place they feel most comfortable – their homes. We want our customers to enjoy life on their terms, regardless of age or any health conditions they face.

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What’s included with home care at Helping Hands?

At Helping Hands, we offer our customers a wide selection of home care services designed to meet their specific care requirements. We provide two type main types of home care – visiting care and live-in care. Visiting care involves a regular carer visiting at pre-scheduled times and we have care packages starting from just 30 minutes a week. Live-in care offers full-time support from a dedicated team of fully-trained carers. On top of this, we can also arrange specialist nurse-supported care to support a loved one with complex health needs such as dementia. Here are some of the specialist home care services that we offer in Chatham:

Chatham Respite Care

Caring for a loved one is a wonderful act of kindness and a great way of showing your love and support. Nevertheless, it is important to acknowledge that caregiving is a massive undertaking that can cause high levels of stress. Being a primary carer is a big responsibility and caregiving can leave you feeling physically and emotionally drained. We understand the demands of caregiving and know that caregivers need an occasional break to recharge. Our respite care services are designed to give caregivers a well-deserved break from their responsibilities. One of our fully-trained carers will step in and take over your care duties so that you can enjoy some much-needed relaxation. Then, you can return to your loved one feeling healthy, refreshed, and mentally prepared to face the demands of caregiving.

Elderly Care in Chatham

It is natural – and normal – for elderly people to find certain activities more difficult as they get older. For instance, many elderly people struggle with household chores like cooking and cleaning or find driving more challenging. Needing help is nothing to be ashamed of and it is important that you reach out if you or a loved one needs support. We can arrange for a fully-trained carer to visit your elderly loved one and provide dedicated one-to-one support with daily tasks. Our elderly care plans are fully flexible and you can tailor the level of care to suit the needs of your loved one. We have visiting care plans starting from just 30 minutes a week through to full-time live-in support.

Dementia Care across Chatham

Studies show that dementia affects one in six people over the age of 80, although the condition can develop in people of all ages. Having a family member diagnosed with dementia is extremely distressing, but we’re here to support you every step of the way. As one of the UK’s leading dementia care providers, we have vast experience of supporting people with dementia. Our carers receive award-winning training and are renowned experts in the field of dementia care. We truly believe that there is nothing stopping someone with dementia from living a safe, happy, and fulfilled life.

Why Helping Hands is one of the leading home care providers in Chatham

At Helping Hands, we understand that every situation is different. This is why we focus on treating each customer as an individual, with unique care needs. We use our broad experience in the care industry to create customised care packages that are tailored to you. We will always take the time to get to know you and your family and guide you on the best steps to take when it comes to arranging home care. We are industry leaders in home care and provide our carers with fully-accredited training and assessments at our very own Centre of Excellence – the first of its kind to be accredited in the UK. This means you can have full confidence in the quality and capabilities of our professional carers.

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If you live in Chatham or the surrounding areas, then we’d love to have a chat about we can help you meet your care need. You call our customer service advisors to discuss our home care services in more detail. They are available seven days a week to answer your questions and guide you through the various care options we have available.

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