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Dementia Care in Enfield

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Enfield dementia support from Helping Hands

Dementia can be an incredibly challenging condition to live with, and if you are the family member or carer of someone experiencing dementia symptoms, you’ll know that they have plenty of special care needs and require a particular kind of support. Enfield home care from Helping Hands is there to ensure that your loved one is properly taken care of in your absence. Our goal is always to give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the chosen carer is there to provide the support that’s needed, when it’s needed.

If you’re a carer yourself, seeking out additional professional support or respite care can give you the time to tend to other matters or take a break from care duties, all while knowing that your loved one is receiving continuous care at home. Because dementia is a progressive condition, you may find that you need a little extra assistance when it comes to daily activities, or that care needs change from day to day. Helping Hands is here to offer safe, effective and personal care that makes a real difference, no matter the stage the condition has progressed to.

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Why home care is a good option for dementia

Dementia care delivered in the comfort of your own home has many fantastic benefits, the most obvious being the convenience. We find that elders with dementia are often upset or confused by a move to a residential care facility, and while there, they may not always receive the undivided attention they really deserve. Dementia home care, on the other hand, is all about providing the necessary support in the place your loved one feels happiest and most comfortable: their homes.

Care at home can bring stability and reassurance to someone experiencing dementia symptoms, since all the old routines and habits are kept in place and activities are carried on in the way they like best. At Helping Hands, we believe that care is not just about practical assistance, but about emotional support, too. We can be at hand to offer a friendly smile or to share a cup of tea and a bit of companionship in the kitchen. Your loved one will feel supported and cared for while you can be confident that they will not be alone should anything happen.

Dementia care services tailored to you

Dementia is a condition that varies widely between different people, and is in fact never quite the same even within the same person, moment to moment. This unpredictability means that care needs to be flexible and adapt to changing needs. At Helping Hands, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all care. Your loved one is a unique individual, and the support they need will be unique to them, too.

We offer a range of options according to what you need. Our carers can be there round-the-clock live in care for extra peace of mind, or we can arrange to have visiting care at intervals that best suit your lifestyle and daily routine. We are there for you, and genuinely want to make a difference to your life, in big or small ways. Home care Enfield can include catching up on the laundry, dishes or other housework, assisting with mobility around the house, help with organising medications and prescriptions, or doing the weekly shop and preparing lovely, nutritious meals just the way you like it.

Qualified dementia carers in Enfield

Helping Hands Home Care has been making a difference in people’s lives for more than 30 years now, and we like to think that we’ve accumulated the expertise and the experience needed to offer your loved one the care they ought to have. We are CQC certified and routinely monitored to ensure we are consistently meeting our own high standards of care. Amongst our other accreditations, we are also the only home care agency in the UK to ever be designated a Centre of Excellence – something we’re very proud of.

Our staff are so much more than just carers. Every one of them shares our passion for genuine and compassionate support, and we routinely go above and beyond when it comes to making our customers happy.

Contact us for dementia support

Are you considering getting professional dementia care for a loved one? Do you have questions about whether home care would work for you and your situation? Our Enfield home care branch are here to help, and we’re happy to have a no-obligation discussion about exactly how we can help you and your family today.