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Palliative Care in Waterford

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What Palliative Care Services are Available in Waterford?

When you’re embarking on your palliative care journey you need to know that you’ll be in the best hands possible if you decide to have your care at home, and that’s where our incredible local Waterford care team come in. Being diagnosed with a life-limiting, sometimes called terminal, illness can be hard for both you and your loved ones to accept at first, especially when you’ve always lived life on your own terms and have never considered the necessity of care. Being diagnosed though shouldn’t make you feel like your life is over; indeed, many people go on to have a good quality of life for years after their palliative journey begins, thanks to therapies and available treatments.

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End of Life Care Options in Waterford

When your palliative care journey is coming to its conclusion then you’re considered to be at your end-of-life stage. The focus is now on keeping you comfortable, pain-free, and holistically cared for, as treatments and therapies may no longer be effective. Being able to remain in your own home for end of life care is something that many people wish for but don’t think is realistic, which is where our dedicated and well-trained Waterford palliative carers can make all of the difference. Our carers can come to you on either a visiting care or live-in care basis and work seamlessly as part of your wider care team to ensure that every aspect of your daily needs are taken care of, whether that’s personal care, medication, preparing meals, keeping your house clean, or emotionally supporting your loved ones.

Why Choose our Waterford Palliative Care Team?

By choosing to have your palliative care at home, you avoid the need to leave the place you’ve always loved and move somewhere less familiar and comfortable. Without loved ones and pets at your side constantly you may feel your emotional wellbeing declining too, as they are probably the ones who usually keep you holistically supported. By staying at home and receiving care in the place you love you’ll have the best of both worlds; dedicated care from our compassionate and experienced carers, as well as the people you love around you without the additional stress of visiting times or exorbitant car-park charges.

Our homecare services are all fully managed and totally regulated by the Care Quality Commission and Care Inspectorate Wales, meaning that you and your loved ones can always be confident that our care is of the highest standards, while you just focus on what’s important – your continued wellbeing.

How to Arrange Palliative Care in Waterford

If you would like to learn more about our palliative care or any aspect of our homecare services, please call our friendly customer care team seven days a week to have all your questions answered. Alternatively, you can talk to us via our website or request a call back, and we’ll be in touch at a time that’s convenient to you.