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Costs of care from Helping Hands Brighton

Finding the care you or a loved one needs can be a stressful time, especially if you’re not getting straightforward answers about how much it is likely to cost and what help there may be for you to pay for your care.

With Helping Hands though you can always rely on us to be totally transparent about our costings and the superb standards of care that we’ll deliver, meaning peace of mind for you all. Because we’ve been providing expert care at home for our customers for over 30 years, we truly are the home care experts, and our amazing Brighton care team will be able to guide you through the care planning process and ensure that the package you choose is designed especially for you. We’ll promote your independence at all times and we’ll do everything we can to help you live your best life at home.

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Understanding your home care costs

We work hard to make sure that our care services represent great value for money, and we design a package of care especially for each and every one of our customers. We’ll also ensure that your personalised support plan is in your home at all times, detailing exactly how you like to be cared for and your routine is consequently always respected. You’ll always receive consistently high standards of care in the home you love, representing how our visiting and live-in services are designed with you in mind.

Visiting care

Our visiting care can be delivered to you in the home you love from just 30 minutes per week, right up to the frequencies and durations that you need. Your care will always be delivered to the very highest standards, meaning you get supported by our amazing carers who will go above and beyond every single day to ensure you live as well as possible. They will undertake everything you need inside the house, such as personal care, your medication routine, meal preparation, housework, laundry, mobility support and so much more. They can also support you outside of the house to go shopping, for days out and to essential appointments.

Visiting care outline costs

Your quote for visiting care will be confirmed once we finalise your care and support plan and double-check we have everything covered.

Live-in care

Live-in care may seem to be more expensive at first than having someone visiting you to deliver care, but when you break down what live-in care actually consists of you’ll discover it represents excellent value for money. Live-in care will see a carer residing in your home with you, available around the clock to ensure that whenever you need something there will be someone there to care for you and provide companionship.

Your carer will take care of all the same personal tasks and household responsibilities that our visiting cares will, yet you have the added reassurance of knowing you’ll never be alone at home. This can also give peace of mind to your loved ones elsewhere. Compared to a care home you may also think live-in care is a little more expensive, but by remaining in the home you love you get to be in the place that means the world to you, alongside the important people and pets who you don’t want to be away from. Having care at home also means you’re not restricted by visiting times and other limitations, giving you the chance to live your best life possible at home.

Live in care costs start from:

£1,460 per week for a single person

£1,700 per week for a couple

It costs fractionally more for a couple to be cared for in their own home with Helping Hands, whereas in a care home you’d pay for two beds, and everything would be doubled. Our costs are based on your precise needs – this includes support with more complex healthcare requirements such as dementia, for example. The cost of live-in care is dependent on the level of support you or your loved one requires.

Care funding options available in Brighton

Our care advisors are available seven days a week to advise you on your care options and to help make sense of the huge amount of information that exists regarding funding your care. Our local branch team in Brighton will also be able to help you work out what you can afford, how you can source additional funding if possible and make sure that your care covers every aspect of your needs.

We have pages on our website containing helpful links to local authority support as well as extra help via the NHS, and our local care advisors will make sure you speak to the right people who are knowledgeable and experts in every aspect of planning your care.

Benefits available to you in Brighton

Whilst it’s true that the majority of our customers do pay for their own care, there may be funding options available through the local authority, as well as non-means-tested Attendance Allowance provided by the government and others provided by the NHS. We also accept direct payment top-ups if you’re receiving these from your local authority for your social care funding. Speak to your local authority if you’re receiving social care funding and would like to opt for this arrangement.

Regardless of how you pay for your care though, you can always be confident that we will deliver exemplary standards of care, from a CQC & CIW registered home care provider, with carers who are motivated and happy to care for their customers. Because our carers are directly employed by us, you don’t have to worry about anything but the most important thing – namely, your wellbeing. We look after every aspect of your carer’s employment, as well as training them carefully and making sure they have a passion for delivering the best possible care, just the same as we always have.

Contact us for home care funding advice

To discover more about your care options at home in the Brighton area, you can call our friendly customer care advisors seven days a week or speak to the local care team. Our website can also be utilised to talk to us or if you prefer, you can request a call back to suit you.