With 27 years’ experience providing bespoke, person-centred care; we know that the relationships our customers share with their Carers and managers are paramount. That’s why from initial enquiry to ongoing assessment; Helping Hands collaborates with each customer and decision-maker to understand their needs and goals. We promote a communicative service, and we always love to hear how our customers are enjoying their live-in support.

We’re lucky enough for our customers to share their care experiences with us, from their everyday routines to how they handled holidays and adventures with their Carers.

Read blogs from our customers to gain an insight into life with a Helping Hands Carer and to find out how we are supporting individuals across England and Wales to live their lives the way they choose.


Care across the world

Care across the world What makes our carers so special is their love for their work and their commitment to their customers. This passion and dedication has led to some of them travelling hundreds of miles to come to one of our training weeks. Elizabeth Wilma began her career with Helping Hands in 2014 and […]

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Next Stop… Wolverhampton!

Next Stop… Wolverhampton! At Helping Hands, we believe that everyone should be able to have quality care from within the comfort of their own home. As a result, our network of hourly care branches has now grown to 40 across England & Wales! On February 16 2017, we celebrated the opening of a new branch […]

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Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness February marked the start of Random Acts of Kindness Week – a week where we all take some time to celebrate the little things that people do without asking for anything in return. It could be something as simple as holding a door open or helping someone with their shopping. At […]

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Travelling from Transylvania

Travelling from Transylvania Here at Helping Hands, we always enjoy sharing stories about our carers. Quite often, they will have had a personal experience that will have led them into care, such as looking after a family member or friend, or someone close to them will have encouraged them to follow their dreams. What makes […]

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Clinical Care and You

Clinical Care and You Care covers a range of different areas. It can start from providing companionship for a short period of time, all the way through to permanent live-in care. Each person will have unique care requirements and it is vital that the care they receive is tailored to meet these, especially if the […]


Working together to deliver care that makes a difference!

Working together to deliver care that makes a difference   Making sure that care is successfully in place is the result of several individuals all working collaboratively. It is not always an easy process; it is often emotional and overwhelming, particularly for the family, with so many different factors to consider, from finding the right […]


My Carer Journey: Ricardo Granado

My Carer Journey: Ricardo Granado Our carers come to us from all walks of life and have some amazing stories to share. Though they all have different stories to tell, they all have one thing in common; they love to care! Ricardo Granado came to Helping Hands having grown up on the other side of […]

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From Oz to Alcester – one live-in carer’s journey

From Oz to Alcester – one live-in carer’s journey Picture when you started a job for the very first time. How did you feel? Nervous? Excited? Now imagine travelling hundreds of miles to find your dream job on the other side of the world. Would you do it? That is exactly what one of our […]

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Meet Melanie Dawson

Meet Melanie Dawson Melanie is our incredibly talented, experienced and ‘tour de force’ Head of Clinical Care. Mel is 150% committed to her customers and passionate about ensuring that they get the care they need on their terms. Mel as she likes to be called has been with Helping Hands for fifteen years. She set […]

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