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Top Tips for Success in Your Care Assistant Job Application

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7 Tips for Getting a Care Assistant Job

While no magic formula guarantees your application to be a care assistant with Helping Hands will be successful, there are things you can do before and during your submission that can make a real difference. Hopefully, the points listed below will give you some insight into your best chance of success when applying to us.

Do your research

Choosing the company you want to work for is an essential part of looking for a job, and we would hope that you had thoroughly researched both Helping Hands and the role you’re interested in before applying. Our website has a huge amount of information about the company, our history, values, and mission, as well as care assistant and other roles, meaning there is no excuse for coming to the interview unprepared. For instance, we offer care assistant roles on both a visiting and live-in basis, and you should come prepared to tell us which service you are applying for and what may be expected of you in the role.

Practice your English

Whether English is your first language or not, we require all of our care assistants to have a level of comprehension that would make communication with your customer comfortable and straightforward. You will also be required to complete paperwork and records in English, so you must understand the language enough. English may not be your customer’s first language however, and if you have other languages in common then you may not even speak English in their home, but if you are unable to communicate in English when you apply, it will hinder your application.

Fill in the forms carefully

Your application will most likely be completed online, which means that you probably won’t be filling in lots of forms by hand, however it’s still a good idea to check your grammar and spelling before you submit it. While we certainly don’t score applicants on their spelling and would never reject an application on that basis, it is a good idea to create the best first impression and check your form carefully before you send it. There are lots of programmes available online that can check spelling, grammar, and punctuation, or you could type what you wanted to say into a word processing programme first.

Be honest

This goes without saying but it’s essential you are honest when you complete your application. We are more impressed by the outstanding personal qualities that make an amazing care assistant than years of work experience, so please don’t think it will affect your application if you are at the beginning of your career journey. We also need to know if you have any criminal convictions or other circumstances that may affect your application, so it’s always best to be honest at the start, rather than waiting for something to come up on your DBS or references.

Let your personality shine through

We know what makes an incredible care assistant; after all, we’ve been recruiting amazing people for over 30 years. Therefore, we can see right away if someone has the personal qualities we’re looking for to support our customers at home. It’s natural to be nervous when applying for a job but please read or listen to the questions carefully, and make sure your personality comes over in your answers, especially when having a face-to-face interview. We value experience, but we’re more interested in you having personal qualities like compassion, patience, empathy, and kindness. After all, we can train you with all the practical skills you need, but we can never teach you to care for others from the heart.

Don’t over-promise

When you apply or go to an interview you are often keen to appear enthusiastic in any way possible – including overstating your availability to work. No one is expected to accept more shifts than they can realistically manage, and by accepting hours that will strain your home life you will end up exhausted and frustrated. The last thing we want is for an amazing carer to leave because they have over-committed to the role at the expense of their family life or studies, so be realistic about what hours you are available for and stick to them. We promote a healthy work-life balance at Helping Hands, and if you are worried about any aspect of your working pattern once you are employed by us we have various support systems in place to help.

Have all your paperwork ready

You will need to supply us with various documents and paperwork when you apply, as we will need to request DBS clearance and references. It will be beneficial to the process if you could have all the relevant paperwork available at the start of your application so that we can request everything as quickly as possible. By applying more quickly for your clearances, you will be able to start work sooner with us, so it benefits everyone if you can have all your paperwork in order at the beginning.

The internal application process

We’re always looking for amazing people to support our customers and we want the job to be as perfect for you as you are for it. There are several aspects of the recruitment process, which you’ll either complete online, or go into your local branch and chat with a member of the team. You can learn all about what it’s like to be a care assistant with us here.

Apply online

Our care assistants work hard and while the job isn’t easy, it will be the most rewarding role you ever have. We don’t expect previous care knowledge as we feel that your natural qualities of compassion and kindness are much more important, however if you have worked in care before we’ll definitely appreciate your experience.

Interview process

The interviewer will ask you some questions to see how well you understand the role of a healthcare assistant with us. You’ll be asked how you’d handle challenging situations or how to best communicate with your customer, or other examples of how you will support your customer.

Pre-employment checks

You need to have the right to work in the UK before applying to Helping Hands, and we’ll need to request an enhanced DBS check and two external references on your behalf. This is because we need to protect our vulnerable customers and know who we’re sending into their homes to care for them.

Internal assessment

We run assessment days at our local branches for our visiting care service, and residential assessment courses for our live-in carers. You’ll learn everything you need to know about every aspect of your role, including how to administer and record medication correctly, hoist your customers safely, and all about Helping Hands’ values. We’ll also teach you about safeguarding against abuse, delivering personal care, supporting customers living with dementia, health and safety, and first aid.

Begin your new role

You’re never alone with Helping Hands, as we have people to support you across our area network. It’s understandable that you may be nervous when you’re about to begin your new role, but your manager, colleagues, and support office team will always be there for you if you need help.

Care assistant job options

At Helping Hands, we offer care on both a visiting and live-in basis. This ensures that our customers have plenty of options when choosing their care, whether they need us for a few hours a week or around the clock. This means that you also have options when choosing the care assistant role that suits your existing commitments, and you should read about the differences in our care services on our website. Whichever service you choose though, we look forward to receiving your application.