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Meet our expert home care trainers

There is nothing about care that our trainers don’t know. All of them have been carers themselves, and so truly understand what you need to know to be the very best carer yourself.

Our training team runs in-depth courses every week of the year that involve a combination of interactive classroom sessions and practical exercises. Thanks to their knowledge and expertise, our carers can feel confident as they take the first steps on their journey into care with Helping Hands.

Regional Training Manager for central and north England

Brendan Conlon

A qualified trainer and assessor, Brendan brings over 30 years’ experience to his role during which he has carried out classroom-based training as well as creating training programmes himself.  Since joining Helping Hands in 2016, he has demonstrated his ability as a role model for both our carers and his team.

What never changes is Brendan’s positive and encouraging approach. “I’ve had the chance to work with some incredible people and I am passionate about being a role model for all of our carers and trainers.

Brendan loves working as part of a team and feels privileged to be able to use his skills to help provide the best possible training for our carers. “As one of the regional training managers, I strive to achieve high standards in all aspects of my work at all times, and promote the Helping Hands values.”

I know how daunting it can be for carers going out on placement into a new customer’s home, and it’s part of my job to ensure that they feel comfortable, confident and competent.

Brendan, Regional Training Manager

Regional Training Manager for south and east England

Amanda Ansell

With a background in care for around 35 years, Amanda began her journey as a carer before working up to be a care manager. In 2016, she brought her skills to Helping Hands as a regional trainer and became a training manager in the same year.

Amanda remembers one particular trainee carer who was feeling incredibly nervous. “I assured her I would support her through the induction and would sit next to her to give her that extra reassurance,” she  recalled. “That young lady has now been with us for 12 months, has completed her QCF Level 2 and gained the Carer of the Month award on more than one occasion.”

As well her vast experience of working within care, she has completed her NVQ Levels 2 and 3 in Health and Social Care, and has also been named a dementia champion at Helping Hands.

The entire training team have at some time held the role of a care worker, so 99% of the time we can always put ourselves into the situation we are discussing in the training room.

Amanda, Regional Training Manager

Regional Trainer

Julie Mills

Julie is an experienced carer and trainer who now trains new care assistants in our branches throughout England and Wales. After starting out as a carer herself in 2002, Julie joined the training team some years later to pass on her experience and knowledge.

Julie shared about the training process. “The candidates I look out for are those who show a willingness to learn, are adaptable, committed and have an understanding of and sensitivity for others.

“I most enjoy group discussions and practical work because it allows learners to relax and encourages questioning. It also provides learners with a chance to become involved in the training rather than just listening.”

Amongst Julie’s impressive list of qualifications, she is a Level 2 Risk Assessor and so trains managers on risk assessments and safe practices for moving and handling.

Carer Training Officer

Lisa Barley

Lisa is one of the trainers behind our award-winning carer training programme and now works as a regional trainer in Greece, training new live-in carers who are coming to work in the UK.

“What we do is so important,” she explained. “I am always so conscious that we select, train, and only pass the very best carers – if they aren’t good enough, they just don’t pass! I never forget that we are caring for vulnerable people of all ages, with many challenging conditions.”

Lisa enjoys sharing her passion, experience and favourite stories on the training courses. “It’s incredibly rewarding as I now get the opportunity to pass on my knowledge and hands-on experience to new live-in carers.

“I’ve worked hard and been rewarded – I’ve developed from carer to trainer, and now to regional trainer. Helping Hands really develop their team and want them to succeed,” she added. “I’m a good example of what is possible!”

Specialist Trainer and Lead Dementia Trainer

Jayne Vale

Jayne switched careers in 2004 to become a carer for Helping Hands. She said about the move, “Looking back, I wish had started working in care years ago. Now I make a positive difference in people’s lives.”

Following many years of experience as a carer, supporting people living with a wide range of conditions, Jayne joined the training team to pass on her knowledge and expertise to new carers. She now trains new carers coming from Spain and leads our dementia training.

Jayne talked about the people she trains on a weekly basis. “We get to meet a variety of people from all walks of life, all with very different personalities, but they all have one thing in common: they all want to help, support and provide care for those that are not able to do so for themselves.”

Jayne is an inspiration to all. I learnt so much knowing that the person who taught me has been there themselves, and taught with so much passion.

Tom, a Helping Hands carer

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