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Meet our expert home care trainers

There is nothing about care that our trainers don’t know. All of them have been carers themselves, and so truly understand what you need to know to be the very best carer yourself.

Our training team runs in-depth courses every week of the year that involve a combination of interactive classroom sessions and practical exercises. Thanks to their knowledge and expertise, our carers can feel confident as they take the first steps on their journey into care with Helping Hands.

Carer Training Officer

Lisa Barley

Lisa is one of the trainers behind our award-winning carer training programme. “What we do is so important,” she explained. “I am always so conscious that we select, train, and only pass the very best carers – if they aren’t good enough, they just don’t pass! I never forget that we are caring for vulnerable people of all ages, with many challenging conditions.”

Lisa enjoys sharing her passion, experience and favourite stories on the training courses. “It’s incredibly rewarding as I now get the opportunity to pass on my knowledge and hands-on experience to new live-in carers.

“I’ve worked hard and been rewarded – I’ve developed from carer to trainer, and now to regional trainer. Helping Hands really develop their team and want them to succeed,” she added. “I’m a good example of what is possible!”

Carer Training Officer

Alex Doyle

Alex Doyle, Carer Trainer for live-in carersAfter caring for a family friend for 14 years, Alex decided to take a step into care sector and worked on a thoracic and vascular ward before going on to hold a fast-paced role in Worcester’s A&E. She now trains our new carer recruits at our training centre in Warwickshire.

Experienced and knowledgeable, Alex knows what it takes to be a fantastic carer. And it all starts with the training. “The carers are so lucky to have the opportunity to undergo classroom based learning, it makes such a difference.” She goes on to explain how this sets Helping Hands apart, “at some of my previous companies, the concept of comprehensive training didn’t even exist.”

Alex enjoys being able to inspire others as they embark on their careers in care. “I get to train other people the subjects I am so passionate about. Even if the carers learn just one thing from me, I’ve succeeded!”

Carer Training Officer

Emma Hawkins

Emma Hawkins, Carer Training Officer Emma has worked within the care industry for nearly 10 years and for the last three years, she has found her passion in sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm within the development of carers’ training needs.

“Helping Hands training offers an opportunity for carers, new and experienced, to learn the correct skills to meet our customers’ care needs.” Emma explained, “it empowers the carers and gives them the confidence to deliver person-centred care.”

Emma’s favourite aspect of the training programme is that it is delivered with a great deal of integrity, sensitivity and respect. The fact that it is tailored to the individual’s level and previous experience, not just to the subject, is also incredibly important to her. “The trainers go above and beyond to ensure the carers who pass the induction are competent, and have the right values to join Helping Hands.”

Moving & Handling Trainer

Julie Mills, Moving & Handling TrainerJulie Mills

After starting out as a carer herself in 2002, Julie joined the training team some years later to pass on her experience and knowledge to new care assistants. She now specialises in safe practices for moving and handling.

“I specialise in ensuring that all of our moving and handling training is of a consistently high quality as more people are providing moving and handling training to carers.”

Among Julie’s impressive list of qualifications, including three NVQs, coaching and mentoring, and providing care for conditions such as stroke, cerebral palsy and Parkinson’s (to name a few), she is also a Level 2 Risk Assessor at Helping Hands.

Specialist Dementia Trainer

Jayne Vale

Jayne Vale, Carer Trainer & Lead Dementia Specialist

Jayne switched careers in 2004 to join for Helping Hands. She said about the move, “Looking back, I wish had started working in care years ago. Now I make a positive difference in people’s lives.”

Following many years as a carer herself, and supporting people living with a wide range of conditions, Jayne joined the training team to pass on her knowledge and expertise to other carers. She now trains new carers coming from Spain and leads our dementia training.

Jayne talked about the people she trains on a weekly basis. “We get to meet a variety of people from all walks of life, all with very different personalities, but they all have one thing in common: they all want to help, support and provide care for those that are not able to do so for themselves.”

Jayne shares her personal experiences

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