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Posted on 6th May 2011.

06 May 2011


This week saw our longest serving member of staff celebrating her 18 year Helping Hands anniversary – 18 years ! How many people do you know in todays society that have stayed with a company that long ? The woman in question , Mandy ,has been a carer for almost as long as Helping Hands have been in existence, supporting people within our local community. To give this some sense of perspective she has probably delivered something in the region of 18,000 hours worth of care, companionship and support. Wow, talk about making a difference.

I asked her yesterday why she thinks she has made it this far, this is what she said :-

“I love helping people who need looking after, to help them stay in their own homes and to see their smile on their faces when you turn up in the morning. You have to remember they may not see anyone else all day. So you really do feel like your making a difference and you do become friends very quickly.

I would recommend anyone to become a carer. You really do get so much out of it – helping others who rely on you. We make a big difference to them and it makes you feel good knowing that you have helped them.. It really is the best job …you feel you’re putting something back into the community.

I’ve been caring for so long now. I’ve never thought about being anything else. It’s rewarding, makes you feel good and I’ve met some amazing people and heard a lifetime of stories….. I really do feel privileged in being a Carer.”

No Mandy, we are privileged to have you.

Sally Tomkotowicz