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Posted on 7th March 2016.

When my carer needs a break.

My permanent carer, after being with me for five months, is taking six weeks leave. Rightly so,  as she works very hard looking after me, the house and my cat!

I get very anxious when Mary tells me she is going on leave as I don’t know who I will get coming in to look after me. All home carers are not the same but in the main I’ve had competent ones. It’s the explaining everything, yes they get a handover but there is always detail left out. Like where are the bin bags kept. Little things that can make a big difference. Fortunately, my previous permanent care Penny was available, so I was very pleased she said she could come for the full six weeks to cover the break. She knows the routine and is a very competent carer. We share some similar interests in watching DVDs, music and shopping so makes good company too. Its great that we get along.

I attend day hospice, it gives my carer some free time and gives me a change of scenery.

Today my friend came and took us out shopping in Bob, Bob is the wheelchair accessible vehicle. My Carers don’t drive. Ellie my cat loves Mary but also loves Penny as they both give her treats. Ellie is a black, three legged house cat and is now on a strict diet for six weeks.

I’ll tell you a bit more about me next time.

Jacky Smith.

Sally Tomkotowicz