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Cough Assist and a Convertible!

My carer Mary really wanted to be a nurse in Zambia but was attracted to the airways instead so definitely a missed vocation until this week for her. For a few weeks now I’ve had problems with coughing and catching my breath but Mary has been really reassuring. She has been meticulous at damp mopping to clear the dust on the laminated floor and is being careful on the use of cleaning products as that has aggravated the situation.

Today I saw the hospice doctor who is referring me to my GP to look at another medication to help and a machine that helps me to cough. Mary is a little phased by a new bit of equipment but, my Helping Hands manager is coming to see us next week and that will reassure us both – she is a nurse so will know all about this development. Mary really is an exceptional carer and I know will adapt to my changes. Other news, as a treat, my friend fulfilled a bucket list request and took me for a ride in an Audi A5 with the roof down. Lush!

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