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Gentle exercises to support your balance

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Posted on 24th February 2021.

In order to improve your health and mobility, there are a handful of simple balancing exercises that you can do to reduce your risk of experiencing a fall in the colder months.

If you haven’t exercised in a while – don’t worry. These exercises are easy to follow and not too strenuous. Try to complete these exercises wearing loose, comfortable clothing, and have a wall or stable chair nearby in case you lose your balance.

Keeping active is vital when it comes to looking after your body and mind, which is why our carers are here to provide more than just practical care; they’ll give you the support you need to enable you to lead a healthy and fulfilled life.

It may be that you’d like to attend health and fitness classes such as swimming or dance lessons, or perhaps you would just like someone to be with you whilst you work on some mobility exercises. We’re here to help you with whatever you need.

For more information on balancing, stretching, strength or sitting exercises, please read the NHS guidance.

Sideways walking

Stand with your feet together, keeping your knees bent slightly.

Step sideways in a slow and controlled motion, moving one foot at a time.

Perform 10 steps each way, or step from one side of the room to the other.

Heel-to-toe walk

Stand upright, and place your right heel in front of your left toe on the floor.

Mirror this action with your left heel, but make sure you keep looking forward at all times.

Try to perform at least five steps on each foot.

Step up

Using a step – preferably with a railing or a wall nearby – step up with your right leg in a slow and controlled manner.

Bring your left leg up to join it, and then step back down again.

Complete up to five steps with each leg.

One-leg stand

Facing the wall, stretch out your arms until your fingertips touch the wall.

Lift your left leg, keeping your hips level with a slight bend in the opposite leg. Hold this lift for 5 to 10 seconds.

Gently place your foot back on the floor and repeat with your right leg.  Perform three on each side.

If you need support…

If you need any support doing these gentle exercises, ask your carer or loved one to lend a helping hand to ensure you feel stable. If you are unsure whether the movements are suitable for you, contact your GP for advice or ask your carer for guidance.

If you’re not already receiving support from us, we provide specialised home care tailored to your individual needs, to help you live healthily and happily at home. From helping you move safely around the home, to support with gentle exercises and preparing nourishing food, our carers can take away the hassle.

For more information, please call 0330 029 8699 or request a callback and we will call you.

Alice Clough Campaign & Content Executive
About Alice joined the Helping Hands team in January 2021. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Film Studies and writes for her own blog. Read Alice's full profile