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Home Care Day 2018 – Celebrating live-in care

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Posted on 22nd October 2018.

For those living with advanced conditions such as dementia or recovering from hospital operations, the familiarity and comfort of the home environment can be hugely beneficial in helping them with their care or recovery.

24-hour care is one way of getting the support you or a loved one need at all times without having to go through the disruption and upheaval of moving into a care home

As part of the UK Homecare Association’s Home Care Day, we’d like to share the work our live-in carers do and meet the incredible people they work with.

How to ‘be more Brenda’

The lovely Brenda has been with Helping Hands since 2017, after she was diagnosed with having a slight weakness in her heart. As a result, she was worried about how this would impact in her daily life.

Enter live-in carer Anne and her manager Samantha, who have been supporting Brenda to the things that she loves to do. All three of them are close friends with each other, which has been so important for providing Brenda the best possible care.

See what a typical day is like for Brenda and Anne, and hear how Samantha matched the two of them together.

How live-in care helps Jemma with getting into the classroom

Jemma first came to us for live-in care support 12 years ago. For four of those years, Jemma has been dependent on an electric wheelchair as a result of a degenerative condition.

Thanks to her determination and the support she receives from her two live-in carers Emma and Avril, Jemma isn’t letting her condition stop her from working as a full-time Maths teacher and going on holiday to some of the most stunning places in the world.

Hear Jemma and her mother talk about the care she receives and how it helps her to continue living her professional and personal lifestyles.

A family story – Lise and her mother’s journey with care

After her mother Judith experienced a fall, Lise realised she needed extra support. After initially starting with visiting care from their local Helping Hands team, Judith began to need additional assistance.

This led Lise to consider live-in care. Now Judith can live in the same house she’s been in for 50 years, with her two live-in carers there to help her when she needs them.

Hear Judith, Lise, and one of Judith’s carers Stas, share their most wonderful moments and how Stas has been welcomed into the family home.

Keeping an active social life with live-in care support

It’s a big step to welcome someone into your home. For anyone considering live-in care for themselves or a loved one, there are several aspects to keep in mind.

While live-in care helps with activities such as personal care, toileting, and dressing, companionship is just as important. As your carer will literally ‘live in’ with you, it’s essential that the two of you are a good match.

With the Office of National Statistics reporting that around one in 20 adults in the UK feel lonely either often or always, companionship plays a key role in helping people affected by long-term conditions or disabilities to keep an active social life. This is where live-in care can also help.

Live-in carers often assist the person they’re caring for to get out into the community to meet friends or relatives, and carry on helping them when they both return home. This means that it is possible to keep active and sociable, while still having the right support for you or a relative.

Take a look at what else live-in care can help with.

Meet our family of live-in carers

A live-in carer can help you live independently

Our live-in carers come from different backgrounds with some joining our family from faraway countries such as South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Some of them have been working in care their entire careers, while some are getting into live-in care having had different occupations.

It always warms our heart to see the wonderful moments that our live-in carers experience, even more so when they are welcomed into their customer’s family. Why not hear from some of our other live-in carers about their experience.

Every live-in carer is special, so let’s all give them and their customers a huge shout-out on Home Care Day 2018.

Find out how else live-in care can support you or someone close to you, or learn how you can make a difference as a live-in carer yourself.

Cleo Canning