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The Importance of Keeping Fit

12 July 2011

The Importance of Keeping Fit

For most of us it is the summer months where we try and watch what we eat so we can wear cool summer clothes and try and fit into garments that are reasonably fashionable. After the excesses of the winter months where we all, lets admit it , comfort eat just a little , it is the sunshine and longer daylight hours that spur us on to say “enough is enough its time to cut back and get fit” while performing a little drum solo on our slightly more rounded midriffs.

Having a stomach that you could crush melons on like Davina McCall or biceps like Mel B (ex spice girl) does not interest me in the slightest. I would rather know that I am fit, healthy and happy rather than be the female equivalent of Arni Schwarzenegger.

The majority of us like to try and keep as reasonably fit as possible. When you are young it’s more for appearances sake rather than health benefits but as you start to age you start taking the health benefits reaped from regular exercise more seriously. You start paying more attention to what you eat and start using phrases like “good for the joints” and “gentle exercise”.

No matter what the age, exercise should be a natural thing. That is not a chore but a part of a healthy lifestyle. We should be encouraged from an early age right up until our time of parting this world to regularly partake in healthy living and exercise.

Helping Hands carers know all about the benefits of good eating and exercise and how to gently encourage their service users to partake in both if they are physically able. There are lots of different day centres, clubs and organisations around the country that offer the elderly exercise routines that are specifically put together to suit their age and body types for example; Age Concern offers Tai Chi classes in different areas across the country.

Live in Care provides you with the opportunity to make choices regarding you or your loved ones lifestyles. A carer could enable you to join a Tai Chi class if you so wanted if you are unable to attend on your own. If you want to go for your daily constitutional but need a steadying hand, a carer would be the ideal person to walk beside you and offer you that support.

In short, just because you are getting on a bit does not mean that you have to stop being active and never leave the house. It is never too late to get fit and improve your health.

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