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Coronavirus Homecare

Care during coronavirus

Whilst we are experiencing the coronavirus pandemic, we are in a time of uncertainty and worry – particularly those that are elderly or have underlying health conditions. You may already receive some sort of care at home or have been recently considering arranging care for a family member that you’re unable to help due to the government restrictions. Perhaps you have just been discharged from hospital after having Covid-19 and need extra help personally and practically around the house. Whatever you need support with, we’re here to help now and after the outbreak has slowed.

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What is coronavirus home care?

Coronavirus home care is practical and emotional support for anyone that needs extra assistance at home during the Covid-19 outbreak and beyond. The sentiment behind home care from Helping Hands is to promote your independence as much as possible, whilst helping you with tasks and everyday living that you may need assistance with, such as personal care, housework, shopping and mobility.

We understand how unsettling the current situation in the UK and rest of the world is – especially if you have been identified as being within the ‘vulnerable’ group by the government – and home care not only helps with the physical elements of care but can also provide much-needed emotional support too. Knowing that someone is going to visit you at home on a regular basis to make sure that you’re okay or that your loved one that you’re unable to see has the right support that they need, can make a whole world of difference.

Types of care available during the coronavirus outbreak

Home care can start from as little as 30-minutes per week and can progress all the way up to 24-hour care if you have complex care needs. All of our care packages are flexible and designed to adapt around you and your needs, even if your health condition changes. We’ll work with you to find exactly the right care that you need from our experienced and dedicated care teams. So, whether you’re in your eighties with dementia and need round-the-clock care or if you’re in your thirties with motor neurone disease and need support with your mobility, we can arrange the right support plan for you.

Visiting care

If you need someone to collect your weekly shopping and you’re unable to leave your home because you’re self-isolating or you need assistance with personal care in the morning and evening, visiting care could be the ideal option for you. Designed to fit in with your existing routines and preferences, we’ll pop in little and often to help with the housework, deliver medicines or help with continence care – whatever assistance you require, we’ll be there

You may not need extra support with tasks around the house or with getting dressed, but due to social distancing restrictions you may not have anyone else at home living with you and want some company. Our friendly carers will call in frequently to check that you’re okay and just be there to have a chat to and share a cup of tea with. To keep all of our customers and carers safe, we’ve brought in extra precautions, such as using new personal protective equipment (PPE) at every visit our carers make. You can read more about our Covid-19 policy here.

Live-in care

If you require more frequent support due to a long-term health condition, live-in care provides the reassurance that you may need during the coronavirus pandemic. Living with you in your home, a carer will be there throughout the day and night to be on hand whenever you require support. This may be particularly beneficial if you are concerned about having different carers in your home during the outbreak, as live-in care is limited to the same carer.

We’ll work with you to find out the support you need and the type of care that you want that fits in with your preferences. Furthermore, we’ll make sure that the carer you select is matched to your personality; we often find that most live-in carers become more like an extended member of the family than just a carer.

For complex conditions such as Parkinson’s, acquired brain injuries and muscular dystrophy, we are able to provide clinical support that is overseen by our team of experienced nurses. With years of clinical experience under their belts, they will be able to ensure the right level of support is in place for you so that you can stay within the comforts of your own home.

Emergency care

There are many people that may find themselves being discharged from hospital because beds are needed for coronavirus patients, or even those that may have had coronavirus and are now well enough to go home but need extra support – emergency care can be swiftly arranged for you by our local care teams.

You may need the assistance of a live-in carer if you have a pre-existing medical condition that requires constant support, or you may just need extra help with the housekeeping and meal preparations while you get yourself back on your feet. Whatever you need urgent support with, we can usually arrange care within 24 hours of your first enquiry so that you aren’t left without a helping hand.

Why use home care during self-isolation?

Home care whilst you are self-isolating can be beneficial to those who are over the age of 70 or those with a pre-existing medical condition such as severe asthma, COPD or those with cancer who are receiving chemotherapy. As well as making sure you have everything you need at home, it can also mean that family and loved ones don’t have as much worry and can feel reassured that you have the right support both physically and emotionally during this difficult time.

Care at home may be particularly useful for couples that both need extra support with personal care and keeping the house tidy but have previously coped by themselves. With over 150 branches across England and Wales, we are able to provide care that’s local to you and will ensure that you are fully supported during the coronavirus outbreak.

As a direct alternative to residential care, you can stay living at home where you feel safe and comfortable, particularly during Covid-19. Although you will be spending lots of time cooped up indoors, your carer will help you to fill your days with activities – whether that’s cooking your favourite meal, completing a jigsaw puzzle or watering your plants.

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