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Posted on 4th March 2015.

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Different Levels of Elderly Care and Support Stage by Stage

Choosing home care for an elderly member of your family is a difficult decision to be confronted with. You may have noticed signs that your elderly parents or your partner needs extra help with day to day living. Or if you already receive some hourly visiting care you might find this is no longer enough to meet your needs.

At Helping Hands we cannot stress enough how important it is to regularly reassess visiting home care for the elderly. We frequently reassess the care of our customers to ensure that the level of care they receive is still in line with the level of care they require.

Home care for the elderly from Helping Hands

Caring for the elderly in their own home is an important part of what we do, here at Helping Hands. As specialists in home care for the elderly, we will always endeavour to assess and re-assess you or your loved one’s need for support when necessary. At Helping Hands our expert care practitioners endeavour to complete a detailed support plan right from the very start of your care journey with us. If you think that you need a more intensive level of support at home, you can contact us at any time to discuss your options. Perhaps you or your elderly partner has been diagnosed with a progressive illness which will require more medical support by one of our medically trained carers? Or have you found that your elderly parents need more help maintaining their personal care? If you are looking for an increased level of support for yourself or your elderly love one, Helping Hands can help.

Home care for the elderly – what level of care do you need?

When it comes to deciding on which level of care you require, the best thing for us to do is talk about it. Our team of elderly support experts talk to people every day, to understand what they need to get from their care at home. There’s nothing to worry about – this is just an informal chat to see what level of care will best suit your needs and your lifestyle. Whether you need some short term care to recover from a minor injury, or a long term plan to prepare for a progressive medical condition or overnight care for elderly, we can talk about the best care option for you.

You will then meet a care practitioner in the comfort of your own home to clarify the levels of support needed. This will form the basis of your support plan. This plan will be a thorough look at your home care requirements, but this plan is not set in stone. Our carers will always adapt to your changing needs, if you feel it will benefit you and your everyday life at home.

To provide you with a thorough support plan you will be asked the following information:
• What you would like to achieve from our home support
• Your weekly routine so we can adapt to it and help where needed
• What medical conditions you have
• Detailed list of medication and when/how it should be taken
• Your life history and expectations for the future
• Any religious needs
• Interests and hobbies
• DNR information
• Your nutritional requirements
• Where you usually shop for food
• Housekeeping preferences
• Mobility assessment
• Financial requirements

We use all of the above information to create a detailed support plan, so that we can provide you with care that is tailored completely to your requirements. With this information, our expert care practitioner can carry out a risk assessment to see what level of care you require from us. All of this information is recorded and your carer will have this information whilst they provide you with support in your own home. Even if you need a gradually more intensive level of care in your home, our values will never change. We will always endeavour to:

• Promote your independence whilst receiving elderly care in your own home
• Provide a professional carer who will be consistent in their support
• Adapt to the level of care you require, whatever changes arise

Contact Helping Hands today to discuss increasing levels of home care support for you or your loved one and book an assessment.

Sally Tomkotowicz