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Enabling young adults to live independently

With hundreds of Helping Hands’ customers under the age of 65, it is important that we are able to offer a flexible support option that provides younger customers with complete control. From a compliance, it is therefore fundamental that we have the ability to communicate fully with our younger customers, enabling them to speak out about their wishes, express their needs, and develop positive ongoing rapport with their personal assistants.

Whether it’s entering higher education at University or college, socialising with friends, or regularly partaking in a hobby, our younger customers must be enabled to receive quality support that fits in with their existing routines and lifestyles. Senior Compliance Manager at Helping Hands, says; “Our young adults’ main aim is to reach their individualised goals whilst remaining as independent as possible. In order to achieve this we have to think about how we are going to help them reach these goals, which involves carrying out regular risk assessments, ensuring correct equipment is in place, and making sure that they are receiving continual support from their management support team.”

young adultWith a large proportion of Helping Hands customers under the age of 65 deemed as complex as a result of co-existing conditions, it is critical that comprehensive staff training is provided so that our teams are confident in managing multiple diagnoses with professional and cohesive support. Helping Hands is currently a member of the UKABIF, as well as a partner with the Spinal Injuries Association, and these partnerships enable us to access leading best practice for our customers at all times, promoting enablement through ideas and innovations in the industry. Abbey continues; “The key concept we have to consider whilst caring for our young adults is enablement. Many of our customers have spent years living independently with our support, and it is our job to continue to improve efficiency and maximise quality wherever possible. We support individuals to go to university, to pursue their careers and to generally make the most of whatever they want out of life. In order to continue providing this kind of service, we must be vigilant in assisting our younger customers in every way that we possibly can.”

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