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Heading to university this September?

Who is heading to university this September? Did you know that our live-in care service can support you or a loved one whilst studying? One of our customers, Jordanne, explains how Helping Hands has allowed her to have a fantastic university experience.

With the start of the university year coming up, we caught up with University of Worcester student Jordanne Wozencroft, who has been receiving Live-in Care from Helping Hands whilst studying Clinical Psychology. About to enter her second year at university, Jordanne describes how having spinal muscular atrophy and having the support from Helping Hands have both influenced her university experience.

“Spinal Muscular Atrophy is a part of who I am but it doesn’t define me,” Jordanne says. “I am just your average student; I have the exact same experience at university as everyone else.”

Jordanne is incredibly enthusiastic about her course and the university lifestyle. She finds Clinical Psychology thoroughly interesting, and is aiming to go into a role within this field having previously aspired to be an interpreter prior to this. Having her carer – or PA as she describes them – with her to help facilitate social events has also been a major factor in giving Jordanne the best experience possible.

With a strong desire to be independent and outgoing during her time at university, Jordanne regularly arranges meet-ups with her friends with her PA accompanying her. She also enjoys the freedom and flexibility that having a carer has allowed her to have. Though her carer is on hand to support whenever required, they also respect Jordanne’s space and time with her friends.

“At university, I am free to be a mature and independent person,” she explains. “I feel like I can properly be an adult and Helping Hands have helped me to gain the confidence to ultimately live on my own.”

By gaining the confidence from her PA, Jordanne has organised her own trips to London and along with the thousands of other students eager to live their university lives to the full, enjoys going clubbing and attending concerts. She believes that university is the best place for her to develop as a person and is hoping to do a doctorate after completing her undergraduate course.”

Jordanne is very keen to just be another typical student in spite of her condition. Though she is a bright and bubbly person, Jordanne wants her lecturers to understand that she can and will have times where she will need an extension to her deadlines, but to be confident in her ability. She has found her university to be very supportive and she is now living the university lifestyle that she wants, in a place that has everything that she needs. Jordanne is looking ahead to the future and her ambition is to continue gaining independence and confidence, and ultimately to have her own place.

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