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What you didn’t know home help was for

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Posted on 27th September 2018.

Think of home care and thoughts of personal care, medication support and hoisted transfers may spring to mind. But home care is much more than this, and for many it’s as simple as some extra help around the house.

Let’s take a look at a few of the lesser-known tasks that are covered by home help. Each of them are available to anyone who is looking for some extra assistance at home.

Housekeeping support

Emptying the washing machine Dirty dishes, a bursting laundry basket, or a dusty windowsill. They can all be remedied with housekeeping support to help keep your home spick and span.

Housekeeping also includes keeping on top of spills and crumbs on the kitchen worktop or hob, emptying the general waste and recycling bins or cleaning the bathroom, to name a few.

Some families find it difficult to have that first conversation with a relative about arranging extra support. A more delicate introduction can be focussing on the day-to-day tasks that a relative may be struggling with, such as help with vacuuming or ironing.

Having built a good relationship with that carer – sometimes referred to as a housekeeper or assistant – it is then much more accepting for that support to grow into something more, should the need ever arise.

Preparing meals

An assistant cooking at home Like the idea of having plenty of delicious and nutritious meals at your disposal? Many home assistants have fabulous culinary skills and will cook meals to your tastes and preferences.

Preparing your favourite meals and freezing them for another day means you have something healthy, tasty and ready for when you need it most. Then, whether it’s a nutrient-packed spag bol, a veggie-rich homemade soup or a fish pie full of essential fatty acids, a quick cook in the microwave or a steady heat on the stove is all you need to do so it’s piping hot.

If you’re keen on cooking up a storm yourself but just need some extra support to get your culinary skills in motion, the assistant is there to help. He or she will allow you to take the lead, always with a focus on enabling your independence so you can do the things you enjoy most.

Grocery shopping

Carer returning with grocery shopping Stocking your pantry with the basics, keeping you topped-up on perishables or ensuring there’s emergency food in the freezer should you need it. Home help even entails doing all of this for you.

Despite the ease of online grocery shopping, you may want to choose the pick of the fruit and veg for yourself. Your helper can accompany you on these shopping trips, whether it’s on the bus or in your own car. Along with supporting with any mobility difficulties you may have, they can even be a reliable companion and second opinion if it’s needed.

If you have concerns about being with a uniformed assistant while you’re out and about, it’s perfectly fine to ask them to dress in their normal plain clothes rather than their work tunic. You can even request that they dress in their usual attire when visiting you at home.

Appointment making

If admin tasks are falling by the wayside, an assistant can help with these – responding to letters, emails and arranging payment of bills on your behalf.

Always following your instruction, they can even arrange appointments and help you to keep on top of finances or organising and prioritising paperwork or tasks.

Dog walking and other pet care

A small dog at home Growing commitments or a temporary change of routine can make it harder to keep up the regularity of walking the family’s much-loved dog. It may especially be more difficult after an operation or sudden illness.

Your assistant can walk your dog for you and much more. He or she can take care of feeding time, ensure water bowls are full of fresh water and even assist with trips to the vets.

Not restricted to dogs, your assistant can help with cats, birds, rodents and even aquariums, keeping trays, cages and tanks (respectively) clean and tidy.

Pet care can be on a regular daily or even weekly basis, depending on your requirements. If you’re looking for support with many home help tasks, you may find that a live-in housekeeper or assistant works best – choosing someone who will love your furry companion as much as you do.

Help outside the home

Jennifer enjoying dinner with her assistant Regardless of the names, home help and home care are not confined to the four walls of where you live. In fact, this type of support can happen wherever you need it to.

Whether it’s a valuable assistant on a shopping spree, a companion for dining out or a supportive presence for an activity or social gathering, this person will be there to support and enable you when it’s needed. It can even be arranged for any extra support you may need while at work or  university.

Support can also be provided for a short break away or even a trip of a lifetime, such as Charlotte’s assisted holiday to Australia.

Sally Tomkotowicz