What is Live-in Support?

What is Live-in Care Support?

An alternative to full-time residential care, live-in support allows younger people to receive the levels of support they require whilst remaining in their own homes.

It’s available at a price similar to that of residential care too.

With our live-in help, a Helping Hands’ live-in support worker moves into the home of you or your loved one. This doesn’t necessarily have to be the family home.

Our live-in helpers can provide support for students in higher education. They can come into university halls of residence or shared living accommodation to help people to achieve their aspirations and enjoy an active social life.

When assisting younger people, our friendly support workers develop strong relationships with customers, as well as their parents and families, to ensure they get the best possible live-in help for their individual needs.

Flexible Independent Living

Helping Hands’ live-in help promotes enablement. We want to support the people we help to allow them to achieve what they want from life.

Whether it’s going into higher education at a university or college, regularly partaking in a hobby, or going to the pub with friends a couple of times a week – our live-in helpers are committed to providing just the right level of support to promote independent living for young people.

All of our independent living services are built entirely around the individual.

It doesn’t matter whether you or your loved one live with a partner, and have existing routines and lifestyles you want to maintain. We keep disruption to an absolute minimum.

We simply look to assist people as they go about their everyday lives. Our customers remain in control at all times.

How Can A Helping Hands Live-In Support Worker Help?

We give our customers the level of live-in support they need to lead comfortable and independent lives.

No two people are the same. And no two people have exactly the same requirements. That’s why all of our independent living services are bespoke to the individual.

Our live-in support workers are trained to provide medical support when necessary. They can help their customers manage medication, and assist where mobility is an issue.

Personal care, such as bathing, getting dressed and ready for bed, can be provided too.

If needed, our live-in helpers can assist with basic housekeeping tasks – from vacuuming round the home to ensuring the laundry has been done.

Many of them possess driving licenses. Those who own a vehicle can help you or your loved one make it to lectures, hospital appointments, or to see friends and family.

As well as providing medical care and home help through our independent living for young people services, our trained live-in helpers are there to offer their companionship. They’re always around for a game of pool, a chat over a drink, or a visit into town.

Consistency Through Live-In Support

When providing live-in help, consistency is very important. It’s difficult for bonds and friendships to be formed with a new carer coming into the home on a regular basis.

That’s why, at Helping Hands, we always give our customers and our live-in support workers time to get to know each other. Our carers provide care in the homes of their customers for several weeks before taking a short break.

From this approach they can learn more about the person they’re looking after. Their likes and dislikes. Their hobbies, interests and life experiences.

A Helping Hands’ independent living assistant is always enthusiastic to get to know their customer.

We look to pair our customers with live-in helpers they share similar interests with. Many of them have developed strong friendships as a result, and have worked together for a number of years.

Before providing independent living for young people, we ensure that our live-in support workers are aware of the amount of support an individual needs.

No detail is too small to feature in our carefully tailored care plans. We’ll sit and review these plans with you and your loved one on a regular basis. This way we can give the exact amount of help you or they feel is needed.

Finding Out More About Our Live-In Help

With independent living services from Helping Hands you can always rest assured that the level of live-in help received by you or your loved one is of the highest possible standard.

Contact our team today for more information on the live-in support services we deliver.

The role of a live-in support worker

Our live-in support workers are there to support you in whatever way you choose. Everyone has an individual support plan, which can include:

Personal care and individual support needs
Support to develop independent living skills
Promoting involvement in their community and developing a wider network of support
Social activities – shopping trips, visiting friends, holidays, days out, cinema
Companionship – talking, reading, listening or just being there
Supporting with household tasks – housework, laundry, cooking, shopping
Supporting with medication

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