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Live-in Care Receives Radio Coverage

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Posted on 8th December 2010.

08 December 2010

Live-in Care Receives Radio Coverage

It’s really good to hear that the option of Live in Care is becoming wider known, in a recent episode of the Archers Lord Netherbourne’s Live-in Carer was featured.

It is so important that everyone knows and understands the care options available to them when it comes to care, the amount of individuals that think the only solution is going into a care home is really surprising.

When asked, I am sure the majority of individuals would like to stay in the comfort of their own home so why isn’t this option more widely known?

There are so many positive reasons to consider staying in your own home where everything is familiar (this is especially true for those with dementia), you can continue with your independent life style, you get to choose when you want visitors or to have lunch or go for a walk, you have one-to-one attention and to top it all there, is not a significant difference in cost between live in care and a care home.

So why don’t more people know about it?

A large part of the problem is although ‘Care’ is a hot topic on the news, few publications are willing to feature or advertise care companies as they don’t feel it is something their readers are interested in. This is crazy when you think about it as we all will get old so we all need to know what our choices are.

Which is why it is such a break through when a popular radio programme such as The Archers mention that one of its characters has a full time carer. The media needs to take note of this and learn that talking about Care is not something to brush under the carpet, it needs to be talked about and understood by everyone while they are able to plan and make decisions for their future.

Sally Tomkotowicz