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More Funding for Support at Home

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Posted on 5th January 2011.

05 January 2011

More Funding for Support at Home

The Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has said today £162million would be transferred from the NHS to local authorities and primary care trusts with the money aimed at helping people to leave hospital more quickly and receive support at home.

This has to be good news for the release of much needed hospital beds, particularly at this time of year, where thousands of older patients are being forced to stay in hospital long after they are fit enough to leave. The announcement coincides with a survey by that says 50% of doctors believe the “bed blocking” problem is worse than a year ago.

For both families and professionals enabling a hospital discharge with the appropriate support services in place at home can be difficult. Amidst the emotional pressures and council budget cuts it is easy to overlook all of the options available. Live in care should be a considered alternative, we are able to offer free and quick assessments alongside excellent carer experience and availability in order to enable people to return home. We often work closely with social workers and hospital discharge teams as well as family members, ensuring the safety and quality of care is not compromised by the need to release capacity within the ward.

If one of the keys to freeing up hospital beds is helping older people get more support before and after they leave (and in turn to reduce the high number who return to hospital soon after discharge) doesn’t what we offer make sense ?

Sally Tomkotowicz