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Live-in carer Sacha rides for refugees

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Posted on 25th September 2019.

One of the great things about being a live-in carer with Helping Hands is that you are able to support a customer for several weeks and then have time off between placements to see family, go on holiday or even spend time doing some fundraising, which is exactly what one of our live-in carers decided to do! Find out about Sacha Healey’s inspirational mission to support vulnerable refugees…

“I am a live-in carer with Helping Hands, currently on a month-long break between placements. My last placement was in Cheshire. My customer has Down’s Syndrome and communication challenges, so I provide general help in their home and on outings together. One of our favourite things is going to the disco and dancing together! We also enjoy getting new library books out.

“One of the things I love about live-in care is the opportunity to travel between placements. This time, I am cycling 600 miles through Denmark and Norway – a huge change from being a carer in leafy Cheshire! While I go, I’m raising money for a charity called Phone Credit for Refugees. All money raised goes directly to help displaced people who are living in a war zone, keeping them safe and connected to support networks, family and friends.

Sacha Healey 01

“I have the freedom to earn, to holiday, to enjoy life, and while I sometimes question my specific choices in ‘enjoyable activities’, the fact is I am blessed beyond measure to be able to do this. A staggering percentage of people in the world have to travel much longer distances just to find safety to live. I’m thinking of them as I exercise my privilege.

“I couldn’t do this without a phone. It helps me find somewhere to sleep, the best route, and more than anything it keeps me connected to my friends and family, so that I have support. I’ve been in situations where I didn’t have good connectivity and when things got bad, they very quickly got worse because I had no outside support. I cannot imagine the fear and danger of refugees who have no ability to contact people for love or for help. Nobody should be in their situation to begin with, without the added vulnerability of being so alone.

Sacha Healey 02

“There are so many issues in the world, and so many ways to help. This is just one small way, but it’s a relatively easy and successful method to provide a little bit of vital help to those who need it most. This charity supports refugees all over the world, with 95% of donations going directly to buying phone credit.”

For more information on Phone Credit for Refugees, you can visit their website here:

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About Laura has a Bachelor of Science undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Post Graduate Certificate in Secondary Education.She has a wealth of experience in marketing, having previously worked as PR Officer for both Halfords and West Midland Safari Park. Throughout her career, she has supported others as a teacher, support worker and assistant psychologist.Read Laura's full profile Read Laura's full profile