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Night-time Dementia Care

Here at Helping Hands we have provided care for Dementia customers for 25 years, and during this time we’ve developed a real understanding of the needs of people affected by the condition. Our highly-trained Carers are experienced in helping customers and their families cope with the challenges that Dementia care presents on a daily basis, enabling others to remain living comfortably in their own homes.

Helping Hands Live-in Carer, Yordanka, has experienced first-hand both the challenges and rewards of Dementia care providing support for Mary, a lady in her 60’s who was diagnosed with Carer-customerAlzheimer’s disease four years ago. Mary began receiving hourly care around six months ago, until her condition progressed and her family made the decision to begin full-time Live-in Care.

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When Yordanka and Mary began their care journey together, it soon became clear that continuity, routine and reassurance were of the utmost importance. Mary experienced feelings of intense anxiety and confusion, particularly throughout the night when she would often become distressed. As a result, Yordanka contacted Tiffany Smith, Dementia Specialist here at Helping Hands, who was able to offer a wealth of practical advice and tips. These included ensuring a structured night time routine, placing a picture of the moon next to Mary’s bed in order to remind her that it was bedtime, and keeping busy throughout the day by completing a ‘My Life Story’ book together. By utilising Tiffany’s advice, both Yordanka and Mary were able to sleep well for the first time in months.

Making the decision to bring in extra support for loved ones can be a very vulnerable time for family members, and so it was extremely rewarding for Yordanka when Mary’s son thanked her for seeing his mother laughing again after four very difficult years. Mary views Yordanka as both a Carer and friend, and they recently celebrated a lovely Christmas together!

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