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Cycling care service

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Posted on 19th June 2015.

A cycling care service from Helping Hands

With summer just around the corner, Helping Hands is embracing an innovative method of transport, which will see many Carers cycling to their daily visits. In local areas such as Alcester, Helping Hands can be seen reducing its carbon footprint and doing its bit to help keep local towns

With cycling standing as the third most popular recreational activity in the UK, this eco-friendly way of getting around will also reduce stress, improve fitness and heighten road safety. George Joseph, an hourly Carer who has worked for Helping Hands since 2008, has been selected as the first user of the Helping Hands’ branded bikes and is already feeling the benefit. George says;

“Being able to cycle to my daily visits makes my job so much easier. When traffic is bad I can avoid all congestion, which puts my mind at ease as I know I will be on time. I feel refreshed and energised between calls and my customers love the fact that I arrive on a bike.”

As well as easing the pressure of peak traffic times, there are also many health benefits for Carers who often work long hours leaving no time for regular fitness activity. Given their busy schedules, cycling also enables Carers to spend time in their local communities; a cheaper and more sociable option than driving. George continues;

“Cycling is one of the easiest ways to fit exercise into my daily routine, and it makes me feel good to know that I am doing something positive for the environment. It’s also one of the cheapest methods of transport! I think it’s brilliant that Helping Hands are introducing cycling for Carers, and I would encourage more Carers to do the same.”

Sally Tomkotowicz