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National Carers’ Week

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Posted on 10th June 2015.

The importance of a taking a break.

carers week logoDuring National Carers’ week we must all consider the importance of family and friend carers taking a break. The ‘Respite Care at Home – Caring for the Caregivers’ is a recommended read.

In the UK 6.5 million people are involved in caring for a loved one. During this week’s national Carers’ Week the emphasis turns to the needs of the carer, the help they so desperately need and the importance of taking time away from their care duties to refresh and reenergise.

Every day we talk to caregivers who ask what respite care is, will it upset routines for their loved one and is it ok to take a break?

The guide from Helping Hands, brought together with the help of our national care teams, specialists and from 25 years’ of experience with respite care in the community; addresses these questions and concerns in a quick coffee-break read.

1. Introduction and facts about care in the UK
2. What is respite care?
3. Why might you need respite care?
4. The benefits of home respite care for your loved one
5. Concerns about taking a break
6. Preparing for respite care
7. Respite care – a case study

Download the FREE guide today or call us on 0808 180 2277 for more information and costs.

Sally Tomkotowicz