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Supported Living Services for Learning Disabilities

What Is a Learning Disability?

Learning disabilities affect each person living with them differently and are always unique to that person. Learning disabilities can affect every aspect of someone’s life and can be mild or profound, depending on the condition and its severity. Some people living with Down’s Syndrome, or an Autistic spectrum condition for instance, may need extra support to live as independently as possible. Learning disabilities can manifest for many reasons, either because of something that occurs while in the womb, such as the mother contracting an illness, or during birth if the baby is starved of oxygen. Learning disabilities can also be the result of illnesses or a head injury as your life progresses.

At Helping Hands, around 20% of our younger customers have some form of learning disability and we have many years of experience supporting people of all ages to live as independent a life as possible. By choosing one of our carers to support you in your everyday life, you will be able to undertake all the things you’ve always enjoyed doing, while relieving pressure on family members who may be providing the majority of your care.

How Supported Living at Home Works

We support adults of all ages living with learning disabilities, and our carers carry out a wide range of daily tasks to ensure that you get to live the life you want to in the place you love. Our carers, or personal assistants as some younger customers prefer to call them, can support you to attend classes at university, help you to enjoy a social life, or accompany you to make the most of the local community, as well as many other tasks inside your home. Whether you live at home with your family or you have your own residence, having a Helping Hands carer supporting you on either a visiting or live-in basis can make all the difference to your life and what you can achieve every day.

Benefits of Supported Living for Those with Learning Disabilities

Many people living with learning disabilities have to rely on family members for essential support, which can put additional pressure on relationships and make it harder for you to live fully independently. By having visiting or live-in care and support from Helping Hands means that you get to live independently from your family if you wish, perhaps in your own house or flat, or even while remaining in the family home. Our visiting carers can support you with everything from personal care, preparing meals and taking medications, as well as housework and other things that will ensure your routine is followed as you prefer. They will also be able to take you to places you wish to visit or make sure you remember essential appointments. With live-in care you get the same support as our visiting care offers you, however you also get the reassurance of around the clock support, meaning if you need something in the night or want companionship throughout the day you know someone is there.

Why Choose at Home Support Over Residential Care

We focus entirely on the individual at Helping Hands; we always ensure that all of our customers receive excellent standards of care, while we promote your dignity and ensure you remain at the centre of your care journey at all times. You’ll receive one-to-one support that it is impossible to get in a residential or care facility, due to staffing levels and pressures on time, plus care that is entirely focussed on your needs and wholly person-centred. Your bespoke care package will be accompanied by a personalised support plan that details your routines and how you like to live your life and will be flexible in case you need something to change. Our celebrated home care services are CQC and CIW regulated, meaning that you and your loved ones will always receive consistently high levels of care and support. All of our carers and managers are selected to join us because they share our ethos of only delivering excellent care, which you’ll always receive from people who are compassionate, kind and supportive.

Arrange Supported Living for People with Learning Disabilities Today

Chat to us today about your care options by calling our friendly customer care team seven days a week. They can answer your questions, advise you on the most suitable care for you and give you an idea of the costs that may be involved. If you prefer, you can also contact us via our website, or request a call back to ensure we only call you when it’s convenient for you.