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Your independence: our support.  Going to university or college is probably one of the most exciting and intrepid experiences of your life. With live-in care support for students, you can live independently and make your own choices about how to live your life. Our fully trained support workers will enable you to succeed in making the most of this opportunity.

The Role of Your Support Worker at College or University

With our support for students, we look to empower our customers – to lead as full a university life as they wish. Our support workers won’t look to take over; instead they’ll provide their assistance and encouragement as and when you or your loved one feel it’s needed.

They’ll help you to get to your lectures, as well as providing support with domestic chores and more sensitive personal care. Social events are a massive part of the university experience – a Helping Hands support worker will ensure you can get to these events and enjoy a full social life.

Continuity in Care for Students

At Helping Hands, we believe continuity is vital in all forms of care. That’s why we try to ensure you get one support worker who’ll be there to support you throughout the academic year. They’ll take holidays and breaks when you take your holidays and breaks – so, you don’t have to worry about adapting to new routines or a new support worker.

All of our support for students is tailored around your needs, lifestyle and routines to allow you to focus on enjoying the fullest university experience. We look to pair our support workers who have similar interests and personalities.

Warm and very friendly, many of our support workers have struck up lasting friendships with their customers – lots of them continue to receive support from the same person throughout their entire time at university and beyond.

Student Support Referrals

If you, a loved one or someone you know is considering enrolling for university, you’ll need a referral from a healthcare professional before we can take any further action. At this point, we can help you with the assessment process to look at your support needs and identify the most suitable support worker for you.

Working with Universities to Provide A Care Package For Students

Our team will work with the university to ensure absolutely everything you need is in place – from selecting the right accommodation to meet your requirements to liaising with occupational therapy staff to ensure that any equipment is installed and available for you to use. We’ll contact all the relevant staff members and departments on your behalf.

Helping Hands Support for Students – A Case Study

Originally from France, Martin Tellier is affected by spinal muscular atrophy. He decided that he wanted to further his education in England, by moving to London to study – as this would allow him to discover another country and improve his English. It was then that he chose to go ahead with our live-in support for students.

For Martin, one of the most important requirements of having live-in support is the ability to live a full student life. With the help of his support worker, Kristonel, Martin is able to attend his lectures, spend time with his friends, go sightseeing and generally enjoy the usual student social life!

“By having a support worker from Helping Hands I can make the most of student life; I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. It has given me an enormous sense of freedom and has exceeded all my expectations.”

During Martin’s free time, he loves to explore the city with Kristonel. They plan their trips together and use the city’s public transport network to get from landmark to landmark. Having been in England a while, Martin is now used to the variable English weather, so on rainy days he enjoys playing Xbox, going to cinema or going for a bite to eat with his friends.

In a typical week, Martin begins with three days of lectures. Kristonel helps Martin get ready to go to university, where Martin has lectures and studies from 9am until 6pm. Kristonel meets Martin at lunchtime and again at the end of the day when they usually meet with friends or go for something to eat.

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