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How we provide extra support for parents

Being a parent or guardian means a lifelong commitment of providing emotional support to your children. For some it goes much further. Here, at Helping Hands, we offer carer support for the parents of children affected by a range of conditions.

There’s a whole range of reasons why, as a parent, you may feel you need a little bit of extra support from a carer to look after your child. For example:

  • You may be planning for a time when you won’t be able to be your child’s main source of care.
  • You might be assisting your child as they approach the transition into adulthood and look to live independently.
  • You may have reached a point where you feel like you need some extra help.

Whatever the reason – we’re always there to help. Our team ensures that any fears or worries you might have are addressed, and your child gets the level of tailored support they require. We communicate with the whole circle of care to deliver support – including family members and case managers.

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Working with parents to provide home care

Carol McFayden is Gordon’s mum. She has been his main carer all his life but when her own health started to unexpectedly deteriorate, she contacted Helping Hands.

In February 2006, Carol had to undergo emergency treatment for a lymphoma – this meant a carer had to arrive just 24 hours before her hospital admission. For the next eight weeks Carol stayed in touch with Gordon’s via telephone for support, eventually coming home in the April. Ever since that day, Helping Hands has supported Gordon to live at home with his mum.

Music, the gym, theatre, college, computer games and discos – that’s what live-in support means to Gordon.

Live-in support provides the platform for busy weeks in the McFayden home. A typical week involves going to college where Gordon studies IT, photography, English and drama. He also visits the gym at least twice a week, enjoys shopping trips and visits to the local disco where he’s a DJ.

“If it wasn’t for Helping Hands, it would be very hard. The live-in support has stopped our relationship from becoming fraught. I used to panic when I had to go into hospital, now the support worker is always there for Gordon. It brings real peace of mind.”

Learn more about our carer support for parents

Our carers can help you provide the right amount of support you and your loved ones require through our bespoke support for parents service. We can discuss the options available for you, the elements covered by our service and much more. Contact us today to find out more.

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